It’s the 20:20 movie frame game of 2018!


Nope, not Jarhead.


Hold the Dark


Ooo, good call. Thought that looked familiar.


Very nice! Thought that first frame would throw more people off.






It’s funny because I haven’t seen it. But my YouTube feed has been throwing me for some reason an Alexander Skarsgard clip from the movie, and the thumbnail has the same background as the 20:20. I was browsing YouTube on my phone and said, “Wait a sec…”



I’ll say The Hidden Fortress, although I’m not at all sure that was shot in scope, and that palm tree on the left doesn’t look very Japan.




Ah, well, with that clue and the picture of the woman in the 40, I would have gotten it!













That may have been wrong but it was a fantastic guess.

I’m clueless, but guessing the screens don’t represent something we are missing.


Because 80:80 is so helpful, I’ll post the final screen. If no one gets it by the morning, I’ll go again.



You know, this isn’t it, but because it’s recent, black and white and has the same look of the main actress, The Eyes of My Mother?


Hm, can’t think of what this is. It’s not The Eyes of My Mother, but it definitely looks modern. Aspect ratio and lack of grain and all.




I was going to guess White Ribbon, but I know it’s not that. However, since no one else has a clue, I’ll do it anyway.

White Ribbon?




It’s Vazante, an American/Brazilian film from last year. It’s about Brazil’s original sin: slavery. Guess I went too foreign and indie.

I’ll reload shortly.