It’s the 20:20 movie frame game of 2018!


No on High Society.


The aspect ratio seems a bit different from one frame to the next. Is it 1:85?


Ignore that specific item, it’s due to the convoluted process to get a frame capture. For actual reference, it is in standard HD format, filmed originally in 1.85:1.


Sneaking in at the 12 hour mark … now the plot thickens. Strange things are afoot, at the circle N (as in Nazi.) All those men dressed far to similarly at dinner? NOPE, Nazis.

The 60:


Sophie’s Choice?


No on Sophie’s Choice.


Au Revoir Les Enfants?


No on Au Revoir


The 80:


Life is Beautiful.

Wow they really nailed the art direction and Makeup/Wardrobe in that one. So good it threw me off. I didn’t even think 90s until I recognized that last shot. Great period piece.


Ha, no Benigni shots.


IIRC that is him to the right in that last shot.


Damn, you have such good eye. I remember moment at 80:80 is a critical part of the film. Did Benigni ever do anything amazing post-Oscar glory? I loved him in Down By Law a whole lot.


I was just early.


Excellent. I loved these screens. They may or may not have been a second off, per. The english subtitles give it away IMHO. But a fantastic movie.

Only when we get to the 100 do we have a semi-clear shot of our lead.

Over to you, @Navaronegun!


Man, for a second I was like … did I miss Matt’s post?!?



This 20:20 is alone.


Last of the Mohicans?