It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


For some reason military dudes around swimming pool makes me wanna guess that Sam Worthington thing that’s supposed to be terrible. Titan? The Titan?


HA HA, YOU SAW TITAN!!!1! Yep, the movie where Sam Worthington turns into a fishman. Here he is looking out at the night sky pensively in the 60:60.

And here’s a moneyshot at the 80:80.

What a laughable mess. You called it with the swimming pool scene at the 20:20. The canister in the 40:40 is significant for the Shocking Final Twist That Will Surprise No One. My favorite thing about the movie was Tom Wilkinson’s pronunciation of “pentagon” and “methane”. My second favorite thing about the movie was Taylor Schilling’s most awkward overnight since The Overnight.

Over to @Soren_Hoglund. Who – let me repeat – saw Titan! Ha ha!





Sad to say, I didn’t. I just remembered your disdain when you described the pool scene on the podcast. So having seen titan is a burden you’ll have to bear alone.

Anyway, the new 20:20:


Ordinary People?




Don’t Look Now?


Not that either.


Time After Time?




The 40:40





It’s Klute. Which really should be titled Bree.

The 60:60 should be the giveaway:



Over to you @tomchick


How did we not do Klute already? I’ve never seen it, but it’s my go-to for pictures of a young and freaky-looking Donald Sutherland. Yay, me!

Okay, in what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



Outlaw King?




No correct guesses, but I like the way you guys think. In what movie will you see this at the 40:40?



Oh, god.



. . .

C’mon, Skip


Ha ha, we saw Overboard!

I’ve only recently discovered Anna Faris, whose my new favoritist actress after accidentally watching Smiley Face. I was just agog at her level of commitment in that thing. Now I get the joke in Keanu! Unfortunately, The House Bunny didn’t quite live up to Smiley Face, and now Overboard seems to be a complete waste of her talent by shoehorning her into a Sandra Bullock slash Meg Ryan kinda situation. She’s fine doing that, I guess, but what a waste. She also seems to be playing straightwoman on an anodyne sitcom with Allison Janney called Moms, or something. Ugh.

So I guess I need to watch the Scary Movies?

The 60:60 is a demonstration of the fake husband’s food organization skillzorz.

The 80:80 is at last a shot of a cake for Faris graduating from nurse school. I guess her character’s name is Mrs. Sullivan?

And finally the main attraction, albeit all wet.

Over to you, Mr. Horde. Out of curiosity, why on earth did you see Overboard? I would have expected more from you.