It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


Seeing as I’m not familiar with the works of Gilbert Gotfried when he was a child actor, I don’t think I know this one.



Not gonna drag this out, I’m not sure many people saw this. The 80 is credits, so here’s the last shot of the movie. Will end the pain this evening if no guess.


Well, I kind of “cheated”, because I haven’t seen it, but it was trivially easy to figure out what it was. Since no one else is going to grab it – seriously, none of you guys saw Orange County – I’ll say…Orange County?



It is, indeed, Orange County, starring not Gilbert Gottfried but a youthful Colin Hanks (plus, really…just an all-star cast who apparently saw something in this material that I’m not seeing, or maybe the producers just added an extra couple zeros to their paychecks) doing his best 80s John Cusack and mostly failing.

Normally I’d chide you for your breach of frame game etiquette, Tom, but I didn’t feel like doing another movie, so I’ll pass.

Your go, @tomchick!


Well, now that I know Leslie Mann is in it, I guess I need to watch Orange County, which will post facto make my guess legit. Plus, I hate to see someone left hanging.

And on that note, in what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



I do like the move to say “kind of “cheated””. You didn’t cheat, you just played more fairly in the past! 😄


Wait, is it a rule that you can only guess if you’ve seen the film? I thought the only rule was that you had to rely on memory and intuition: no internet searches.


That’s what I thought too.


Some of the more movie obsessed like to play on ‘hard mode’ ;)

Not all of us are 45+ and watch three dozen movies a year!


That’s what I mean by cheated. I know Leslie Mann and Jane Adams by sight, and I probably wouldn’t have remembered they were in Orange County if I’d seen it. But it was easy to check IMDB to see what movie they’ve been in together. Does that count as cheating since I used the internet? Probably. But I hate to see a fella left hanging like that, especially since I know a bunch of you jokers have seen Orange County and should have been able to get the frames. So I sacrificed my integrity and for what?

To bring you this 40:40, that’s for what!

So I ask you: what movie is that from?



I am certain I know who that is.

Less certain I know the film.


Wiener-Dog? I thought maybe Life During Wartime from the first frame.

P.S. Jane Adams talk has me thinking Solondz.


looks up Wiener Dog

Yup, that has who I thought that was. Kieran Culkin.


Yep, that’s totally Wallace. I didn’t know he was ever in anything else.


It is indeed Wiener-Dog, which I think you liked more than me, @crispywebb. Although I did like bits of it. Especially Greta Gerwig’s impression of an adult Heather Matarazzo from Welcome to the Dollhouse. She and the Culkin pictured in the 40:40 were great. Their storyline went to a pretty cool place. If Wiener-Dog had consisted entirely of their bit, I would have been totally onboard. The Tracey Letts bit was kind of funny, especially the conversation in the car between that kid in the 20:20 and Julie Delpy. But I thought the parts with Danny DeVito and Ellen Burstyn were pointless, mean-spirited, and awkward. In other words, typical Todd Solondz.

Speaking of those parts, here’s a little DeVito (get it?) with the titular character in the 60:60.

And here’s the whole reason I picked this for the frame game. The 80:80 is a cool mindfuck that belongs in a better movie.

Over to the inestimable Mr. Webb!



Yeah, well…maybe next time you will estimable me.

I would describe Solondz movies as cruel at times, but I don’t think I could use mean-spirited. He’s far too compassionate for that. Adam Sandler shit is mean-spirited. Your boy Martin McDonagh is mean-spirited.

New 2020:


I never would have figured anyone could use the term “compassionate” for Todd Solendz. But there’s no other way to explain where the Dawn Wiener segment ends up in Wiener-Dog. So I guess I can give you that one. But I’d be curious what else of his you’d call compassionate?

As for the 20:20, that is clearly a frame from A Man Outstanding in His Field. The time period of dude’s clothes is all wrong, but I’m pretty sure The Witch, Black Phillip, and that rabbit with its baleful glare are in the woods behind him.



Have you been waiting to use that since you first started this game? :)


Maybe I’m projecting from having watched interviews with him more recently than any of his movies. He seems to have compassion for his characters when he speaks about them. Maybe respectful is a better word. And the only movie I can really remember well at the moment is Dark Horse. I feel like that has a common thread with Spring Breakers where the filmmaker presents ridiculous people without judgment. I haven’t seen Pain & Gain, but I’m guessing that is the opposite of what I’m talking about.

Yeah, and here’s ATJ in that famous licking scene…



That is an amazing 4040. No idea what film it is, but wow.