It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


Highly recommended!


As much as I would love to continue the Cooke-off, I’m not about to go find frames for Ready Player One. Because, you know, she’s absolutely hideous in that movie with the birthmark on her face. Disgusting! So hard to look at!

Instead, I pose to you this question: in what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



You probably wouldn’t do this, but I gotta guess Happiness.


And why wouldn’t I do that? I would definitely do that. Because it is Happiness, which is still a fucking masterpiece of despair and – in my opinion – cruelty. And that cast! The next few shots are a couple of the supporting cast members…

The 40:40.

The 60:60.

The 80:80.

Jane Adams is just luminous in this movie. I mean, come on, look at that expression on her face. Unfortunately, she gets cast as the awkward nerdy best friend from here on out. But she’s the glowing heart in Happiness, inasmuch as that movie has one.

The 100:100.

This scene is a textbook example of how much of acting is listening. Camryn Manheim has most of the dialogue, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman demonstrates here what a generous actor he could be, but he’s still so very much a part of the scene. It makes me think of Nicole Kidman in the final conversation in Destroyer. She doesn’t have the dialogue, but the scene is all about what’s going on with her as she listens.

The 120:120.

And, of course, Dylan Baker will get cast as a creep from here on out as well.

A couple of bonus shots. This frame of Phillip Seymour Hoffman is his performance in Happiness in a nutshell.

And here’s the Jared Harris link to The Quiet Ones.

Over to you, @crispywebb.



I thought I was gonna get swerved and it would end up being Trick R’ Treat or something. Great movie that Happiness.

New 2020:


If that is Ray Allen then this would be He Got Game


That is in fact Jesus Shuttleworth from the motion picture He Got Game.






Lace 'em up, @dwinn.


As Kelly Wand might say, we’ve done favorite oceans, we’ve done soup, now try on this 20:20


Is it Tobe Hooper’s Brad Dourif vehicle Spontaneous Combustion (1990)?


“This is fine.”


No correct guesses. 40:40:


From Dusk Till Dawn?


Are we doing snuff films now?


Sir, I’ll have you know the MPAA gave this a PG rating.


Well, OK. I’ll take your word for it…but it looks like there’s like pieces of grit in the camera gate. This whole production looks very dodgy.


Let’s see if the 60:60 helps


I got nothing–sorry!


Pretty sure that:

1.) This thing was filmed in Tijuana.
2.) I’ll never see it.
3.) This is becoming the “it’s the 20:20 Bad Movie Frame Game.”


I think I’ve seen this guy, in this role. It’s bothering me now. Still drawing a blank. You might go all the way through on this one, dwinn.


It’s not looking good. The 80:80 has a clue – or maybe half a clue?