It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


It is, of course, Zulu! Alas, none of the frames feature the young Michael Caine.

Aegean Artillery back in charge!


Well, here is the new Twenty:


Hmm. Is it Peeping Tom?



it is so not Peeping Tom it’s mind-boggling.




That is a frame from the 1964 classic The Man Who Was Terrible At Shaving.



That’s not Jacqueline Bisset, but it kinda looks like the back of Steve McQueen’s head, so I’ll guess Bullitt.


Wow… is this Herbie the Love Bug ?


Holy shit … you nailed that. I knew that screen looked familiar and I vaguely noticed it was in a beetle.


Yeah, that’s a tad different from Peeping Tom.


Well, only one of those films featured a sociopath that wasn’t a sentient car


#3 top grossing film of 1968 (2 ahead of Bullitt).

The guy with the bandage is Dean Jones

The Forty:

The Sixty:

The Eighty:

The One Hundred:

“The trick is always remember to have asbestos gloves when you make coffee this way, @matttutor.”


Memory is a strange thing.

Yes, I’ve seen that movie, as a child, more than 35 years ago and somehow I recognize it…

Best I can recall it was silly fun - who knows if my own children would think so?

The new 20! Behold!


Grr, that looks familiar. I’m sure this is wrong but Anatomy of Hell?


I’m gonna guess Last Tango in Paris.


The 60:60 from Herbie features some awfully gory car violence!

I guess the 20-minute mark is about the time for the sexxy sex scenes with Patrick Bachau in Michael Tolkin’s The Rapture. Is it The Rapture?



Don’t move in on Herbie’s action and no one gets hurt.


Tomchick - impressively you are correct. The Rapture it is. An interesting and well received at the time film that is now perhaps entirely forgotten? Except here!

I’ll post the remaining frames later.


Not quite as impressive as getting Herbie the Love Bug! That was some serious 20:20 jujitsu!

I like The Rapture a lot for several reasons. One is how it wrestles with what I would call the pathology of religion. Religion is often not rational and sometimes it’s not even moral. What happens when that goes wrong? Which is what Tolkin considers in The Rapture. It’s Jim Jones at a personal, spiritual level. And the sexy Mimi Rogers stuff doesn’t hurt. I remember being a kid and watching those early scenes and thinking, “Uh, wait, what’s going on there? What are they doing? Is that a thing?”

I really like Tolkin, who’s more widely known for writing The Player for Robert Altman. He started off with the Christian Slater skateboarding movie, Gleaming the Cube. But then he does Rapture and The Player. Followed by a bunch of schlock, including Deep Impact, the lousy asteroid movie where everyone talks about their feelings instead of going out into space and doing something about it. I mean, what’s a better way to bring your movie to a thrilling conclusion? Bruce Willis blowing himself up to stop an asteroid, or Tea Leona reconciling with her dad on the beach? Tolkin also wrote the screenplay adaptation for the musical version of 8 1/2, which are words that feel weird to string together. He’s also got a series out now that @ChristienMurawski has been trying to get me to watch called Escape at Danamorra.

So, yeah, I remember The Rapture pretty well. Looking forward to the rest of those frames. I’ll rustle up a 20:20 in just a bit.



Not much to see here of note …

The 40:

The moody 60

The 80 featuring our lead (no shows of David Duchovny, particularly not with some truly Awful hair!)