It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


Exactly, the GOP are playing with a different set of rules, and the establishment Dems are complaining to the refs instead of playing the game.


I agree. I know I for one am done with the “lets find a compromise and meet in the middle”. I was all for it in 2008 and I thought Obama did everything he could to compromise with Republicans on healthcare reform – even going so far as to start out with the Republican healthcare plan from a decade or so earlier. He got absolutely nowhere with it.

I’m done with them, especially with how they’ve radicalized since then. There are no responsible Republicans.


That seems a fair point. But we don’t have any data here, only guesswork fueled by our own preferences. Personally, I feel that tribal identity is at least as important as policy proposals here, and I think the nice midwestern lady may seem more an in-group candidate to some voters than the bomb-thrower from Boston (and I know where she was born). But that’s also a guess.

We’ll see! That’s what the primary season is for. We’ll see polls and count votes in those places soon enough :)


This might be true, but it’s hardly desirable. Having President Klobuchar sign the bill that creates tax-advantaged education savings accounts funded by cuts to social security and Medicare while approving Republican members of Congress applaud is not something to hope for.


Oh, I agree. But that seems like, “If you said that one thing, that means it’s your only idea.” I don’t think that’s accurate. Right now, today, she’s working on stuff that might have some chance of passage through McConnell and Trump. That isn’t much room to work with.

Much also depends on who controls Congress in 2021. Do we expect unified government? How many seats in the Senate, best-case? None of the big-ticket items happen without control of the Senate, and most of them will require 60 votes. You’ll need some Republicans on board.

(It’s a separate debate, but I think nuking the filibuster is a terrible idea. Imagine what McConnell and Ryan could have wrought had they had full control the past two years. That can happen again).


Nothing she does with them has any chance of helping. And her speech reinforces that mindset: She thinks the answer is bipartisan compromise, and she’s running on that vision. Ugh.


Yeah, we tried that move 10 years ago. It doesn’t work.


I would love for someone to ask her why she thinks bipartisanship would work with her when it went nowhere for 8 years under Obama … seriously, I’d like to hear her answer to a question like that.


Seriously, it just comes across as head-in-the-sand oblivious to someone like me. Maybe it’s supposed to appeal to people like @Timex who have stopped voting Republican but aren’t liberal/progressive? I don’t know how you make it through the primary with that, though, and honestly I just have no interest in voting for Republican Lite.


It means the former to progressives, and the latter to moderates. That’s why I think this primary is going to end up a bloodbath, and possibly a three-way dance. Each camp is going to think only their candidate can win.


This is from Daily Kos, which I really don’t want to link to (and that I don’t normally read) but the writer is Eric Boehlert (who I do follow on twitter) and he does a good job of summarizing the malpractice by American media. If I were on Warren’s team, I would advise her to directly address the media on its behavior and why they think it’s okay to use racists attacks against her.

“She won’t be able to escape it,” CNN’s Chris Cillizza announced last week. And why won’t she be able to “escape” the overblown ancestry kerfuffle? Because people like Cillizza have announced they won’t let her.

The New York Times delivered a similar doomsday prediction: “The lingering cloud over her likely presidential campaign has only darkened.” And last week, Times White House correspondent Peter Baker claimed that the Warren ancestry story “threatens” to derail her entire image as a truth-teller.


Did you notice how absurd the reporter’s premise was? The state of Virginia is currently being rocked by one its biggest political scandals in generations, as two of the state’s top public officials are facing possible career-ending controversies. One revolves around the abhorrent practice of dressing up in blackface; the other involves allegations of sexual assault. Against that backdrop, a reporter on Capitol Hill asked if Warren inaccurately filling out forms several decades ago based on bad family-history information she had been given is similar to blackface or sexual assault .


Yeah, I read that too. Hardly a topic to generate excitement in the electorate.

And if Republicans are going to bat for her, then count me skeptical.


Email update from Kamala Harris trying to look cool for the kiddies:


Two out of three Americans believe that marijuana should be legal, and this sentiment only grows stronger by the year. With rising support for legalization, it’s clear we need to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. It’s the smart thing to do.

More states are moving to legalize marijuana through ballot initiatives and bills in state legislatures, but it is not enough. This isn’t just a matter of combating outdated and unpopular marijuana laws. It’s a matter of repairing our communities, system, and country.

It’s past time that we ALL address the harrowing issue of mass incarceration in our country – and that starts with marijuana legalization and restorative justice programs in our damaged criminal justice system.

Our system continues to target and imprison young Black and Latinx Americans for low-level, nonviolent drug offenses at high levels. Too many lives and communities have been ruined by regressive policies. This needs to be rectified with a pathway to legalization at the federal level.

Here’s what our fight looks like:

  • Introduce and pass legislation to legalize marijuana nationwide.
  • Expunge nonviolent marijuana-related offenses from the records of millions of people who have been arrested and incarcerated.
  • Create national programs to address addiction treatment and reentry for all formerly incarcerated Americans.

Kamala is a firm believer that we can no longer repeat the same mistakes from our past if we’re going to build a country that works for everyone. That’s the foundation of our campaign. We cannot claim decency, freedom, justice, and equality as our values without reforming this broken system.

Thanks for taking action and fighting for a more free, fair, and just country.

—Team Kamala

There’s also petition links I edited out because the’ve got my name, email, and address embedded in them… but this is the gist of her latest spiel.


Yeah, fuck her. She didn’t feel that way when she was DA and locking up black and poor people.


Wasn’t her job as DA to prosecute the laws on the books? I know they have some discretion, but a DA isn’t a legislator and can’t legalize marijuana. Are there other DAs in the country that have shown an example of refusing to prosecute things like marijuana possession outside of state legislation/policy?

Phrased a different way, I guess I’m asking if this was an issue with Kamala Harris specifically, or more of an issue with the insane state of our marijuana laws.


As if middle class and rich white people didn’t actually partake. It’s more than the laws on the books. Certain groups only target the minorities and the poor.

I am still reserving judgment on her myself. The field is too wide open for me to do digging just yet.


You have a very strange fixation on DA’s, seemingly all of them. Harris was fairly progressive as a DA.


I’m willing to give Harris benefit of the doubt on this stuff, and that she can be different as a President than as a prosecutor.

I still don’t trust her fully, but I’m willing to wait and see what her instincts are. I’d definitely support her if it came down to her vs Biden,Booker, or Klouchbar (who are the three I most want to avoid), but I’d support Bernie or Warren over her.


I’d agree with this.


Democrats are going to eat their own in search of a perfect candidate

Klobucher is mean!
Bernie is old!
Harris was an aggressive prosecutor!
Booker is in bed with Pharma!
Gillibrand eats fried chicken with a fork!
Warren overstated her native American ancestry!

Someone announces, and before they catch their breath they are buried under a pile of shit.

Meanwhile, we have the most corrupt, vile man in the White House. A man who has allowed a foreign adversary to meddle with our elections, who has personally enriched himself and his friends from the Presidency, who has made fun of the disabled, women, and every minority under the sun. A man who gives harbor to white supremacists, and locks up immigrant children in cages. He has abandoned Americans after natural disasters and developed bromances with brutal dictators. A man who has mocked climate change and the scientific community, all while gutting the environment. A guy who has stocked the Supreme Court with extremists and at least one liar. A guy who sold out the internet to ISPs and ballooned our national debt. A man who has insulted veterans and gold star families. A man who has over 15 credible accusations of sexual assault levied against him.

I realize this statement doesn’t apply to most on this message board, but Democrats, the media, and citizens of this country overall need to get some proper perspective.