It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


I mostly agree with the prevailing calm heads here but this kind of shit definitely gives me pause:


We can rest assured that this is merely locker room tyranny and he doesn’t really mean any of that.


Look, there are a lot of fine second amendment people on both sides. Both sides!


Of those three, he might be able to count on the Bikers for Trump. Good luck with that coup.


…a win because all the old white swing voters will vote for those guys but not some “kid”?


An incredibly weak man depending on lawless ‘tough guys’. Pathetic.


Wilson on point here.


Job approval, independent white Americans 65+:

Job approval, independent white Americans 18-34 (same source):

I don’t know if age of the candidate has any correlation to voter age (in 2016 Sanders strongest supporters were young voters), but that’s a stark difference. So the question is, is the safe bet the smart bet?


An old trick, but still, the Obama Flip here is interesting.

Had that quote been by Obama, is there any doubt that Fox News would be clamoring for his impeachment, and “reasonable” op-eds in the NY Times and Wall Street Journal would be wondering if maybe they had a point?

And maybe they would have had a point.


I think you need as many of those 39% in the top group that you can get to get Trump out of there. The kids are going to vote for the Democratic guy regardless because they hate Trump that much. It’s not like Biden or Bernie can’t appeal to younger voters either, as you say. Grandpa Joe was a thing.


Please. Diamond Joe is the one true Biden.




This might be a net plus for Beto…


I had just read the article when I saw your link, and I agree


A candidate with technical competence (and clearly much more) is a huge plus in my book.


As long as he doesn’t belong in prison, it certainly seems good to me.


I mean, that was my probably unintended take: “Oh shit. Beto is TOTALLY one of us.”

Like, you know Beto gets “Stay a while and listen” references.



A punk rocker and part of the group behind Back Orifice back in the day? You have my axe, Beto.

Barron clearly does not have the best cyber anymore.


Yeah… my interest level also increased. A president truly immersed in modern infotech would be a sea change for us.