It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


I can’t believe you guys are saying Beto is a scientist.

(That was a joke about the upthread discussion of Gore)


Well, nobody thinks he invented the internet ;) But it would be nice to have a POTUS who truly understood this series of tubes.


Anyone who suffered a 300 baud knows the importance of municipal, fast internet for the masses.


I thought this was pretty funny, from yesterday. Nancy, killing it as ever.



Haven’t had a chance to listen to these yet but it’s getting very positive responses:
Conversation with the Candidate’ with Pete Buttigieg.


Gizmodo here to make sure you understand that Beto isn’t really a hacker at all.


I’m surprised the first sentence of that Gizmodo piece isn’t “Actually…”


True that!


That is changing rapidly.

Facebook/Google especially are unpopular in the center and right.

Charter/Comcast being broken up would get 70% approval. 80-90% in former TWC areas, which is also the entire state of NC.

If I knew of a way to do this at the state level, I’d actually try a state house run just on this one issue.

As for Beto, he’s saying the things I wanted to hear from in. He said he’s willing to support the public option (which I think is an acceptable position), he said he’s willing to declare national emergencies to get things done, and he said he’s willing to courtpack.

The last two are higher priorities for me than anything positionally , because the important thing is to make elections fair again- we can’t fix anything else until we break the ability of Republicans to rig elections.

This is why I’m preferring Harris to Bernie right now- I just don’t trust Bernie to be willing to slam an icepick into the Republicans, and that’s exactly what is needed. I think Harris will be that ruthless. I could actually vote for Beto now.




He really does speak with conviction, and actually answers questions without pivoting. I love that.


Another reason to love Mayor (Soon2BPrez) Pete 👉


Ok wait does he really speak Norwegian, or does he “speak” Norwegian the way Mike Huntsman “spoke” Mandarin?

Because the idea that you would learn a language just to read some books, and then be able to speak it conversationally and spontaneously… I mean ok, maybe he’s a genius.


Seems like if you only need 65k signatures to get on the main debate floor, that the Dems are going to have a clown car.


That’s fine. It will just make the right candidate look better by comparison. This is why it’s worth hanging out with uglier friends when trying to attract sex.


Or going hiking with someone who is slower than you are just in case you have to try and outrun a predator.


I’m looking forward to the ensuing articles wherein the press choose a handful of debate moments that confirm their preconceived notions about the candidates and sprinkle them through the articles they wrote ahead of time to make their deadlines. They will really help shape the narrative of what we’re supposed to think about the candidates




Is this the preamble before Timex asks if you folks realize Mayor Pete isn’t going to cure cancer, single-handedly halt global warming in it’s tracks, and completely fix the healthcare system with a wave of his hand? I feel like he’ll want to make extra sure you folks know all that, and it’s too early to crown Pete as Savior of the Human Race just yet. :)

(Just teasing you, Timex)