It's time to talk NFL Football '09 Baby!

Sad stuff. The Eagles D will certainly suffer without him. He was one of the best D coaches in the league.



Favre staying retired.

It’s Faaaavre, mon Capitan.

Yeah, no way is Favre going to go away quietly. If the media doesn’t start rumours about him signing somewhere mid-season, he’ll hold a press conference to say that he’ll announce when he’s going to announce his decision in a couple weeks time.

My guess is he told Brad Childress that he didn’t want to participate in camp and preseason and Childress wasn’t really down with that action. Meaning, Brett is playing for whichever team loses its starting QB in preseason/first month of the regular season.

Please don’t say those things.

Everything seemed safe until now.

Hmm, would that team go to Vick first or Favre first…probably depends on the market.

I wonder if the Vikings told Favre to beat it because Vick is now available?

Oh Farve, why must you drag this out:

"Very unlikely,’’ he said. "I really believe this is it. I truly, truly believe it’s over. But if someone calls Nov. 1, who knows?’’

Because he can’t imagine a time of the year where he is not the focus. I really think at this point, he’s got a raging ego.

That’s the thing that has bugged me about Favre through all of this. When he retired the first time, he made it very clear that while he still enjoyed gameday, he was burned out on the amount of work required in the offseason and during the week leading up to the game. To me it was a giant red flag that this was a guy who wasn’t really committed and so I wasn’t surprised at all that he bolted the Jets right away.

Favre would be back in a heartbeat if the Vikings or any other teams told him he could skip camp. I hope that he finally realizes no one is going to do that, but who knows what will happen if a competitive team has an injury and invites him in at the last second or during the season.

Vick is not an answer for a team looking for an instant starter. Favre is, though he’s probably not going to be as good even as he was last year. I’d argue Vick has never truly been worthy of a starting job.

The Seahawk defense looks to be improved if they can sign first-rounder Aaron Curry in time for him to learn the system… with Curry on the field, Seattle may have one of the best linebacking corps in the NFL. The question is whether or not the D-line will be effective enough to keep all those opposing Guards and Tackles from tying up our linebackers. If we can get a halfway decent pass rush our secondary won’t look quite as porous as it has in recent seasons.

As for the running back issue, I really don’t understand the obsession that NFL analysts and fans have with that position. I think it is the least important position on the field: the poor performance from our running game in recent years has had absolutely nothing to do with backfield talent and everything to do with an injured and ineffective offensive line. In my opinion, the O-Line is the real question mark this season: if they can stay healthy, keep Hasselbeck healthy, and zone block well enough for a 3 yd/carry rushing average, we’ll see Seattle and Philadelphia in the NFC Championship Game. Hmmm, perhaps those are too many if’s for a homer post.

You know what… fuck it.

I want Favre to play. I am/was a diehard packers fan, but Favre and Reggie White were my childhood idols. And barring some voodoo trickery I only have one left to root for.

He is totally the disgruntled old man of football, and I want to see him play!

Running back is a sexy position. They get a ton of touchdowns and yards, and they look great on NFL Films charging through the line to score a key fourth-quarter touchdown.

Running backs can definitely be more talented than others – take a look at the career of Deshaun Foster, who was horrible, and then look at what Deangelo Williams did once Foster finally left town – but you don’t need to really invest money in one. Find a skill set that matches what you’re trying to do with your gameplan and plug a guy in. When he falls apart at 27, wish him well and get the next one.

This is known as “Shanahaning.”

I thought “Shanahaning” was a synonym for “chop-blocking”.

Julius Jones will be fine for Seattle this year. He’s not going to rush for 1500 yards or anything, but even a 1200 yard season will do a lot to keep opposing defenses honest. And Jones showed flashes of ability last year but was held back by Holmgren’s pass oriented offense and loyalty to long-time backup Maurice Morris. Plus, don’t forget that between those two and all the OL injuries, they combined for almost 1300 yards.

No, that’s the “Alex Gibbs Special.”

I don’t buy this. It would take a monumental rookie season for him to even be on par with Julian Peterson, let alone an upgrade. Next year or the year after, sure, but it’s pretty rare for a rookie to make the pro bowl, and JP was a perennial pro bowler.

Even Patrick Willis, who did make the pro bowl as a rookie, wasn’t that great in coverage or pass rush situations. They basically schemed for him to run sideline to sideline and make tackles and little else, and he did that one thing very well. JP did a hell of a lot more than one thing, so replacing him with a rookie is unlikely to improve the defense.

I totally agree with you on running backs vs OLs, though. Running backs get the glory but it’s mostly undeserved. Aside from Barry Sanders, your RB isn’t going to get many yards without blocking. And even Barry wasn’t able to get 2 yards when they needed it and the other team knew they were running. A good OL can do that.