Just Cause 4

But they already had 2 games to look back and see what made JC2 so good.

They just don’t seem to get it.

Did this have the same publisher as Rage 2? Wondering if a big patch likely there…

No, this is Square Enix.

Ehh IGN video is weak, this other one is better:

I watched both those videos. Very informative. Thanks!

I decided to skim the 4+ new pages of posts on the Steam forums. I think I will wait for this to hit $10.

Ummm… ok

Any brave soul try the new dlc?

I recall @tomchick mentioning wanting to give it a go, maybe it will be a upcoming Friday or Monday stream? :)

It’s not great. It literally just plops some demon infested areas on the map and asks you to clear them by blowing up the hotspots on the demon growths.

I think I am gonna remove this from the wishlist.

And… GONE.

But I’ll still post about updates…

Played JC3 after release but it was buggy mess and was never fixed… JC4 had mostly negative reviews on steam, I didn’t even looked at it, what a shame.

I love love loved JC2. Loved just running around doing the open world stuff more than doing the canned missions, TBH, but that was enough. Never did finish it before moving to my PS4.

Tried JC3, ugh. Then though JC4 might recapture the magic (I just wanted JC2 with better graphics) and I tried a few times and could never get into it. Then Witcher 3, RDR2, and other great games and never did try it again.

Sounds familiar. Also really loved JC2 and finished it!

Then based on that naively pre-ordered JC3 with great anticipation, which was then sadly crushed by a terrible game.

Didn’t even look at JC4.

Prime example of how to kill a franchise!

Another proof that ‘new games suck!’ is not just nostalgia for old games.

First, who’s Miller? I don’t remember that name from previous editions (although I never played the first game).

Second - is this the last DLC? The one hinted at at the end of the base game (going after the Agency)? Seems like it is, but… I don’t want to start the game back up until everything is out.

Yep thats the last dlc of the season pass.

Also free to play this weekend!

I saw Just Cause 4 “Reloaded” on steam. I assume this is just the standard game, only patched?