Just Cause 4


Thanks Tom, guess I’ll look elsewhere. Gotta be something on my system doing this!

Are you guys running latest 417.22 drivers (if on Nvidia)?


Running the drivers that came out earlier this week - whatever version that is.


Yep, also using this week’s Nvidia drivers. I’ve got it on an SSD in case that makes a difference.



I have mine on SSD also. Sigh… maybe it’s time for the dreaded Windows re-install! :D


OK. So.

  • Overall, it’s still a fun game. It definitely has it’s issues, but at least in terms of just running, I haven’t had the issues I had with JC3.
  • As I said earlier, the challenges are just - odd. They’re nowhere near as hard. The wingsuit challenges are ‘similar’, but they all seem to have only 3 rings you have to get through in a certain amount of time. There’s generally more than enough time to get through them.
  • Other than those, it’s either ‘get through a ring at/above a certain MPH’ (vehicle doesn’t matter), or 'drive this specific vehicle through this ring. The problem w/ the latter is - again, as I said before - doing so often unlocks the very vehicle you need for the ‘challenge.’ Right now, I apparently need a float heli, but I can’t unlock a float heli unless I have a float heli to fly through the circle. I’ve looked at a few ports and can’t find one to save my life. So not a fan of that.
  • Unlocking regions seems to be the key for unlocking new weapons.
  • Shooting is, overall, just as fun as the previous games. Doesn’t seem to be upgrades to weapons, tho. So you find a weapon you like, you’re good. You can seem to only carry 2, tho.
  • Physics are beyond weird. If you’re running on foot, running into a motorcycle, a car, a tank, a toppled electrical pole - AN AIRPLANE - you just push it aside like it was made of paper. But God forbid you try to drive through a guard railing. It’ll stop a tank right in it’s tracks.

Anyway, I’m done w/ sporadic updates on what I think of the game. I may check back in after it’s over to say whether I like 3 or 4 better, but if I had a recommendation, it’d be this - it’s a fun game, so I wouldn’t skip it, but wait for a sale.


I love this easter egg


Ok that was good! :D

Sadly a less pleasing video, one that brings up the many graphics downgrade issues.


Interesting video. Other than the water, I thought Just Cause 4 looks way better overall in that video, especially the lush jungle environments versus the boring sameness of the Just Cause 3 environments.

At the end, in that sound comparison, I thought the deeper sounding explosions of JC4 sounded better than JC3.

That is awesome.


:( Just Cause 3 had the lovely sunflower fields though.

Whoo boy, Mac’s WAB is brutal.


That’s hilarious!


So damn good!


I had to turn the sound on to get the joke. I thought it was a tribute to the Wii game, MadWorld.


Has anyone seen that on their own? If so, where in the game is it, or would you run into it during the normal course of game play?


There are other Easter Eggs :)

Er, my spoiler fu is broken. I’m sure you can work it out.


Wow, that started off okay, but turned really great half way through.


I really appreciate the updates and mini-review. I think patching could and should make this a bit more of a JC title, and I’m willing to wait out a sale anyway. I do find it very sad that the progression is tied to something so awful, and the chaos tied to not much in the way of things that it screams someone on the dev team not understanding what made JC (the entire series) fun.

Still, that’s fixable, if they are willing to modify the gameplay. The negative Steam reviews certainly should highlight some things for them.


I’m still having fun with the game. I don’t think it would take a lot to ‘fix’ it.

The biggest issue is really how little Chaos ties into the game (despite the fact your army is called the ‘Army of Chaos’). Instead of tying it only to how many troops you have on the overhead strategy screen (which, depending on how you take over territories, isn’t an issue for very long), tie it to both taking over the territory and the availability of the mission you have to complete. The missions themselves are generally pretty fun in the same way past games have been. And tying chaos into either the regions mission and/or the ability to take over the region would also be a bit of a tie-in to JC2, where the next set of main missions only became available after a certain amount of chaos. I think that ‘little’ change would make a big difference.

It’s still a fun game for me. Don’t know that I could recommend it as anything other than a ‘wait for sale’ title at this point, tho. I’m not disappointed I paid day one prices, but I also don’t have kids so I have a lot more disposable income.


Understood. I’m in the same boat (no kids) but I have a game backlog a mile long. A new JC title should be cause for holiday celebration (while burning up unused vacation,) instead it is a yawn and wait for a sale kind of feeling. I’m under no pretense that I’ll push this off until never, it’s Just Cause. It’s not if I’ll own it, but when.


Data point - the game looks good and runs great on Xbox One X.


What’s so awful about the progression?

The missions are kinda cool, if a little repetitive with the ‘free/escort captives’ and ‘protect this point for x minutes’. But there’s some decent stuff in there and the actual minute-to-minute play is consistently entertaining.

Are you refering to stunts? They’re not that bad, and are tied to unlocking vehicles and one of the three grapple upgrades. None of which you need to progress.