Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie


I just saw this a couple of hours ago. I enjoyed it. I really did. I put several of the marvel movies as say the top bar and a number of other superhero movies, including BvS as the bottom bar. This was just over the middle for me. Here’s the thing though, there was nothing clean or heavily believable about getting that group together. I think DC is still relying on the audience to know more than it does to make all the links and stories flow. I can tell any family and friends to see The Avengers, as their first Marvel movie, and that would be fine… several have. Justice League is, well not as good at that and the movies before it are largely not likable (still I mostly liked MoS). So getting someone interested who is not already interested, not sure this movie can do it.

As for the heroes, I really didn’t dislike the acting or the presentation of them. I found all them did well and only Aquaman needs to tighten things up a bit (Superman is still like wood but I guess that is his shtick). Part of their issue with this league is that half of them aren’t that familiar to anyone who isn’t already a DC fan and for those us who are not big fans but know the world, mostly, like me, it’s not enough to really get into the character as is. The chemistry as a group isn’t there, like even as they were working together it felt like a series of separate scenes and actions that overlapped sometimes… by accident.

CGI is not only sloppy, it’s noticeably unnatural with what else is going on on the screen. Mustache, meh, not the worst compared to some other attempts.

Maybe the biggest difference between someone like me who can recognize the flaws and still enjoy it is I saw potential, and not only believe they can push this DC universe up a notch, I am willing to be patient enough to give them a few chances to get there. But they’re not there yet for sure.

And the 2nd end credit scene, that meant nothing to me at all. I don’t read or watch anything outside of these movies, so I will have to let any trailers excite me.

I forgot to mention I thought Galdot carried the emotional scenes by herself. Like all the others were either unbelievable or too unresponsive to do it… they need work there.


They implied that Wonder Woman could take down Superman. I believe it’s happened in the comics. Her magic sword can cut him, and she’s just as strong as he is. Plus she is a trained warrior.

I dunno. I’m sure Superman will be depowered or somehow incapacitated for most of the fight vs Darkseid in the next movie, or like Darkseid will turn him evil (so Cavill can keep his mustache)


No, she’s not as strong as Superman. Not in the comics and not in the movies. She struggled to pick up a tank in her movie; JL showed Superman blithely flying by the flash carrying an entire building in the air.


If it were a pure fight of brawn, then Superman would ultimately win, as he is stronger than #WonderWoman, but that doesn’t mean she can’t inflict some serious damage on him.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]
But there is something that Wonder Woman always has by her side that could easily kill Superman:

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]
Yes, Wonder Woman’s sword can cut Superman, meaning it can kill him too. Wonder Woman’s magical weapons, her strength and her Amazonian skills could easily allow her to defeat Superman.


Its not just strength, in which hes orders of magnitude stronger. Its speed, and that almost nothing can hurt him. There’s a reason they had to come up with Kryptonite. As his father said at the start of man of Steel. He will be a god to them. Again why he has to be “killed off” for awhile in the movie. There’s no real threat when he’s around.


The point is she can kill him, and not with a lot of difficulty or Kryptonite. It’s even in the comics, like the couple I actually know about. Can he kill her? Is Diane like the other gods, only another god can kill her?


No, if you want to be all geeky technical since Superman can be as fast as The Flash he could kill her and frankly the entire rest of the Justice League in a blink of an eye. I could care less what a specific comic did once. Heck somebody wrote one where Batman fights Superman and wins though his "wits"or whatever…


Yeah okay. Since you believe it, must be so. Oh, and it wasn’t written once in a comic book, she’s beaten him multiple times, but yeah, believe what you want.


There’s never any consistency to these things since writers come and go.


I saw this on a lark on Friday night- I’d just gotten out of a job interview, and knew the huge fancy theater down the block would have a 7 pm show, and their online ticketing showed one seat smack dab in the middle of the front section just waiting for me, so I called it serendipity and went.

It was ok. As everyone notes, the CGI was bad. Really bad. How is it that so many blockbuster movies can have great CGI, but DC is always crap? I mean, they spend a lot of money on these things, how do they always hire the worst possible CGI people?

The things I liked best were actually the jokes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider it a comedy in any sense like Thor:Ragnarok, or GotG 1/2, but the intentional jokes written in were good, and landed well. I’m thinking of specifically the scenes with Ma Kent and Lois Lane- ‘Thirsty’, Aquaman’s… err, ‘pep talk’, as well as most of Alfred’s dialogue, but there were others. They weren’t spoiled by trailers (that I saw?), kind of came out of nowhere, and when you got to the punchline, really worked. To that point, my favorite thing about the movie was probably Aquaman- a sentence I never thought I’d type, but here we are. Wonder Woman and Flash pretty good, Batfleck was fine, Cyborg was just stupid and both Supes and the villain were cardboard cutouts..


Ugh, thanks for reminding me of that. I hated that scene, not because of anything unique to Justice League, but because it’s a pet peeve of mine in any kind of fantasy comic-booky thing when someone powerful lifts/carries/supports something that wouldn’t have the structural support to hold together regardless of the strength of the person.


This is all you should care about with sups…


I love this quote, because it is so true.


Eh, they were noticeable, but not offensive to me. Tarkington, in particular, was useful to the plot so I forgive some of the slightly unnatural appearance.


This was entertaining but not very good. Plot holes, bad villain, poor CGI, uneven tone, making Superman incredibly powerful versus the other heroes - it just did not work very well.


Haven’t seen it yet, but I will, after seeing it described as a not particularly good animated JLU episode. But. let’s be fair, it’s a movie made out of a couple movies worth, a mix between Snyder and Whedon, a salvage job once the previous serious grimdark tone was deemed as “not really what the folks are looking for”, and probably a whole lot of “get some more WW in there, people actually like her”.

That it’s coherent at all is a minor miracle.


Final official tally for the opening weekend domestic box office: $93,842,239. It didn’t even make $95 million.


It was pretty empty in my almost 1pm viewing on Sunday. I felt kind of silly showing up early trying to get a good seat.


I’m not trying to be a dick here, but in all seriousness, after writing all that, you’re STILL intent on seeing it? I really don’t understand that at all. I mean, paraphrasing here, you’re essentially saying: “Sure, it’s a mash-up of two tediously predictable directors’ completely incompatible visions, and sure, it’s not as good as a bad episode of a children’s cartoon I can watch for free, but I’ll still pay $20 for it to steal three hours from my life.” What more would Justice League have to do to have you give it a hard pass? Give you pinkeye?


It’s 5€. :D

It’s a “bad episode of a children’s cartoon” I rather enjoyed. And while I’m almost sure I’ll come out of the cinema saying “that was a shit movie”, enough people have called it entertaining for me to actually be willing to test it out, if only to see the big set pieces that sort of work.

I’m expecting to have an entertaining time watching a poor movie, if people had said that besides being shit it was also not entertaining / trying to be serious business, yeah, hard pass… Of course if it was 20€, I’d have to be far more discerning…

Also helps that I haven’t watched any other recent non WW DC movie in the cinema…