Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie



Does Aquaman control water now? Is that a magic rake he’s using?

And why is Batman standing on a statue of the Grim Reaper?

I know Darkseid was/is always looking for the Anti-Life Equation; is that shot meant to be on Apokalips (or however weirdly they spell Apocalypse) and Darkseid decorated the area in a worshiping-death motif? I just don’t know enough about DC comics to know.


Aquaman is still dumb. “Guys we need to lure the aliens into the ocean so Aquaman can participate in the battle.”

So far this movie is following the formula of every Justice League story. Superman gets disabled, League struggles to fight without him, Batman figures out how to fix Superman, Superman solos the adventure.


More League!

This one runs.

This one plays electric cello.

This one is…I don’t even know.



For the spoiler-averse, there’s not much there. Overall, looks like what I might have expected. Lots of teal/darkness punctuated with a few quips. Cyborg’s super power is uncanny valley. Wonder Woman whips her hair about in slow motion (the power of Pantene Pro-V). The Batcar is a mech now, maybe? I can’t quite sort out what it’s doing.


Yup. That’s a Zack Snyder movie.


My wife’s reaction? Where’s Henry Cavill?


I think we’re still pretending that he doesn’t dramatically return halfway through this movie.


Were just like The Avengers…but way EDGIER!!!

I hope Synder is dumped after this one.


Well, I thought the trailer was pretty good. Seemed to hit all the right notes. Now whether the movie will be any good or not . . . definitely crossing my fingers.


Man that looks goofy in all the wrong ways. I don’t understand, I like Batman more than any single Marvel superhero, I should be in the bag. But this stuff just turns me off. I will continue my streak of not seeing these DC universe movies, I guess.


So I’ve been completely out of the loop, and haven’t seen any of the DCU movies. Call me strange but I like parts of my movies to take place in daytime!

I was gonna ask where Superman is but I saw earlier in the thread that he died(?!??) at the end of, uh, BVS? Really dead, or dead-but-of-course-he’s-coming-back dead? The snarky comment a few posts above here makes me think it’s the second case.

Superman IS going to show up in this movie, isn’t he?


No one knows. He’s listed in IMDB as working on the film but that could mean anything.

For what it’s worth, I actually thought that trailer was god damned cool, much better than the BvS trailers at the very least. I’m in. Great music in that trailer, which helped.


Looks fantastic. Love Zach Snyder - hope he retains control of DC movies forever.

They have said that Superman is in the movie.


I was kinda with it until the Beatles song started, and I had to punch out. Jesus.


Is the whole movie going to be blue and orange?


I liked it. I don’t have super high hopes for the movie itself. But I thought the trailer did its job of showing the team coming together without actually spoiling the story or villain. It made me curious to know more, rather than make me feel I had seen the best bits already.


I’ve never seen a Zach Snyder movie, but I thought the trailer was pretty good for a post-1990, action-movie trailer. It looks like it could be good or a complete mess. I’m definitely seeing Wonder Woman and will probably see this one. It will probably determine whether I ever see another one.


I hope Batman can defeat whoever’s taken control of the weather and bring back the sun.


Well, at least there’s a joke or two. If you squint.

Cyborg looks pretty goddamn terrible though. Shockingly so.