Kickstarting and Screaming


I didn’t even read the Empire kickstarter, but just backed it right away. Lost so many hours to the Atari ST version back in the day, especially playing hotseat against a friend.


Is there anything wrong with Barbie & Her Sisters’ Puppy Rescue?


Huh? How would I know? You’d have to ask someone who plays those games. I didn’t play barbie video games even when I was a girl.


Sorry, that was more a general question based on the link you posted. I quoted you because my post didn’t immediately follow yours. Anyone can answer.


It’s pretty good.


I can’t imagine adding more to yet another unfinished game but I will be watching this.


Lordnine, a regular over at Octopus Overlords, has gone and designed a boardgame.

It is apparently “Like Agricola, except if you forget to feed your sheep in Agricola they don’t eat your visitors.”




It’s absolutely the deepest and most amazing tactical RPG featuring Barbie and puppies that I have ever not played.


I am going to have a keep an eye on this one. I can’t bring myself to back more at the moment, but I love this theme.


I’ve been following this KS since I’m a big ole’ ASoIaF nerd. Haven’t painted minis since the very early 90s though, so there’s an additional cost to buy into the game. But still very, very tempted by it.


Had that on my watch list as well. Seems neat.

Not really a fan of the way they put non-combat leaders into the scenarios, though. Seems a bit of a heavy-handed way to get popular characters into the mix.

Minitaures look great, but I’ve gotta keep it real with myself–no way I’m painting them.


Yeah, I think it’ll be real easy to unbalance the game with NCUs.

I’m worried I’ll buy in and paint maybe a dozen, maybe less, and then a year later all the paints are dried up and I’m staring at dozens of monochrome pieces of plastic.


So, I am on a Fig mailing list for previews of upcoming projects, and it appears that SWERY, best known for the bizarre and extremely unique Deadly Premonition, is turning to Fig with his new studio White Owls to make a “mystery RPG” called The Good Life, where a reporter comes to the happiest small town in the world. And one reason they are so happy? Everyone in the town turns into a cat at night. Including you. Some areas and routes will only be accessible as a cat, apparently.

Super psyched.


Dead Matter, what seems to be a 7D2D knockoff, is in its last 5 hours. At about $220K, I think they are about stretch goaled out.


The Game of Thrones KS ended last night on a great note, unlocking all the SGs including a pretty large replica of the Iron Throne (which is going to take a helluva lot of black primer and wash to paint). Brienne was the last miniature unlocked.


I absolutely wanted to back it but I have such a huge backlog of things to paint that it just wasn’t really feasible. Besides, the major characters were the only things that are really unique to it. :(


My pledge gives me 200 minis when it launches and CMON supposedly has a very aggressive schedule for new factions, units, and heroes next year. So we’re talking a huge backlog to paint right out of the gate. I’m going to draft my 10yo son for bulk, assembly line duties like cleaning and primering the minis.


Make sure to post your progress over in the QT3 hobby desk thread. I’m really interested to see how those hero characters turn out!


Skeptical but in