Kickstarting and Screaming


I haven’t decided whether to go forward with this one or not but the draft rules are available and… raccoons! Actually there are many very nicely done animals. it looks kind of interesting, not super complicated but a buying and selling element which I love.


I backed it.


Xenonaughts 2 is already at 123K with 28 days to go: “hit two stretch goals”.


I sometimes have to ask myself, is it worth the 1 time a year I would use this… no, but my geek self likes it. It’s also super ugly.


Would you carry that all day? I just use a duffel bag and if I am staying in a hotel for a convention go to my room if I need a game.


It also looks really uncomfortable to wear. A box with straps is not a backpack. All the game boxes are going to be digging into your back, and it doesn’t have a proper waist strap. You’re better off going to a camping supply place and getting a real backpack that just happens to be big enough for your boardgames. Then you can also use it for camping or other uses. Probably be same price or cheaper too.


Hit a third in the next two days. The three goals are:

#1 Modular Weapons (£50,000 - UNLOCKED!)
#2 Geoscape Situations (£75,000 - UNLOCKED!)
#3 Locational Injuries (£100,000 - UNLOCKED!)

It’s currently sitting at 109k of whatever that made up currency is. Here is a post about the stretch goals so far.


heck no. I use a suitcase with wheels to get a fair amount of games in and out of my car when I visit and someone wants me to bring a few. It’s usually an exercise in tetris though no matter which suitcase I use, except the giant one which I don’t use, to get them in there. I’d like a better option, an easier one, is all. This is not it. too expensive and awkward and ugly, but I do like someone is trying to come up with… something.


Ha, great find with that board game backback @Nesrie. I think it looks okay in black and green and it’s probably comfortable enough for a little while. I don’t think it’s something you carry for a long time anyway, although I guess putting some wheels in there would make sense. But the price… 200 bucks with the version with all the bells on? Eh, no thanks. I’ll never carry enough board games around to justify that.


I have no idea if anyone here remembers French indie RPG Winter Voices. It was released several years ago, had some issues, most notably a rocky translation, and the giant millstone of having been written in Flash around its neck. But it was really quite unique in its conception: a bereaved woman travelling and coming to grips with the traumas of her past. It still used a sort of combat, but you weren’t killing and looting enemies but facing down fears and memories, using a large tree of skills based on coping strategies. It was also episodic, and the company that originally sold it went out of business, forcing the primary creator to obtain the rights themself and with great effort finish out the story and do a final polishing pass.

Well, they are now Kickstarting a followup called Child of the Pyre:

This time, in an actual fuckin’ game engine. I don’t think it’s the sort of thing that will be anywhere near everyone’s cup of tea, but fans of unique takes on the RPG genre should at least give it a look.


Holy shit. Hero U keys going out tomorrow. One of my oldest outstanding Kickstarters, maybe even the oldest that isn’t officially cancelled.


I emerge from my Fallout Shelter, and now Xenonaughts 2 only has 2 days left. The are estimating EA in January for what that’s worth.

Daily chart is not showing a lot of end window buzz, so I wonder if they will make the last few stretch goals (which probably have already been implemented).


And this was being advertised on Kicktraq:

Rimworld look and feel in a more classic DF medieval setting?


I’m down with more simulationist colony builders, but can’t we skip dwarves?


Well, it looks like they are going to make. Evidently they tried this a year and a half ago but cancelled it. I did not dig into the details.


Humans and Orks also playable, or at least planned.


No z levels, NEXT!


I got my Everdell Collector’s Edition today. First shipped game since joining the hobby at Pax Unplugged 2017.

GORGEOUS looking, the box, the sleeve and the components!


Hey, how did I not know about this? There’s a Trogdor board game getting Kickstarter! Looks like it’s way over the threshold.

I said consummate v’s!


Xenonaughts-2 finished £9K shy of stretch goal #5.

#5 Additional Community Edition & Modding Support (£200,000)
#6 Weather Conditions (£250,000)