Kickstarting and Screaming


Well, I still disagree that most boardgame KSes charge under their planned MSRP. Sometimes, yes, but in my experience less than 50% of the time and probably less than a third. But when you say the reward for the risk is getting it cheaper than retail…no, pretty much never, due to online retailer prices being even lower. (Shipping is also sometimes a factor.) They compensate with other stuff.

Regardless, yes, there’s a big gap between their tiers and I guess I could see that being an issue for them, but they also don’t have a lot of options as far as a cheaper tier goes because, as I say, including the base game immediately launches them well over $100.


Well their biggest issue is, and since they met their goal it’s only an issue of affecting the top they could do with this, is if you go to their comments section of this campaign, all you see, literally all you see is shipping price concerns and tier pricing. There is almost nothing, nothing about the game, the expansion, like stuff you would normally see on a campaign like that. It’s just a wall of questions about their prices. So maybe fans are excited enough to just jump in, but it’s not the best look. It’s not going to stop them, of course, they met their goal, but I’ve not really seen that before in a successful campaign. It’s not typical.


Well, their European VAT policy is certainly not the easiest to parse, and I fear might bite them in the arse once the shipping actually arrives into the EU. They plan on charging depending on residence of the backer, while customs are charged depending on port of arrival.

It also makes it 100% likely I’ll be able to get this at retail at 60-80% of the kickstarter price, at most.

Trying to justify it through some babbling about the US trade war is just insane (they are shipping from china, the trade war is more likely to affect US backers than EU backers).


Dead Matter, a Zombie FPS Kickstarter from 18 months or so ago, has announced their second delay - only about 7 days before they were going to have “streaming partners” do a private test.

this time they are saying 8-10 weeks delay, so at least three months is probably safe. I suspect if they miss the next date the backer majority may begin to get rabid since they originally promised 6 months to alpha post KS.


There’s an option to get all the stuff from the first KS. Is hero realms any good solo?


Totally not a game Kickstarter, but a really cool project from a friend. “The Invisible Father” is a a look at an amazing period of art, film, and music (60’s and 70s) from a woman trying to learn about her estranged father. He was an artist/filmmaker who worked with Warhol, the Velvet Underground, etc. It’s in the last day and nearing goal, and I thought the creative crowd here might be interested. Or at least, there might be someone who wants the Pearl Jam swag. :-), via Kickstarter


This KS looks kind of like an adaptation of the exploration/narrative approach taken by 7th Continent but with more detailed card-based combat and diplomacy mechanics, which could be really cool:

(Take this impression with a grain of salt - I’m in wave 2 on 7th Continent so haven’t received or played it yet, and have only lightly ogled this one. That said, for a little while longer they’re throwing in another playable character as a first 24h backer bonus and otherwise selling it separately, so if you’re intrigued I’d just tentatively back now and cancel later if you decide against it.)



I tentatively backed. A sprawling solo game is my kind of thing, and the price is significantly friendlier than the 7th continent (which was a little bit too much). I specially like miniatures are an option.


Dmn you.

I took one look at it, and backed.

I will now forget about it completely and be pleasantly surprised in the Summer.


I also saw something else interesting.

Tactics game.

I’d have backed it if there were some graphics to looka t.


So there used to be an amazing virtual LAN program called Evolve. It made playing any game that supported LAN so super simple to play online. Better than either Hamachi or GameRanger.

Evolve got bought by, which incorporated their game tracking portion of Evolve, but not the VLAN. So the Evolve folks are now trying to crowdfund their new VLAN venture, called Bowstring, on Kickstarter.

Evolve was so amazing I’ve totally backed this. I want it so I can easily play stuff like X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter or Starlancer easily. I implore you to check it out if it sounds interesting to you. Thanks!


Seems the kickstarter went well , its up on Steam in EA.

@KristiGaines look at them pixels! Wishlisted!


I guess so. it’s on my wishlist and am following for now. We’ll see how it goes to release. Love the music in the trailer, very mystical feeling.


I caught mentions of Vindication in top 10 lists and a couple of recent positive reviews. I was sorry I had missed the Kickstarter, but it so happens that they launched a new KS including the “swanky edition” of the base game and a new expansion:

It looks awesome and the area control / sandbox gameplay with a character journey theme is really attractive to me. Also, the game can play quite quickly, which means I’m hoping to get it to the table more often (there are very few sessions where I have time for sprawling epic games).



I have this game. We have not had a chance to pay it yet but the component are really nice, especially the metal pieces.

I am not a fan of their please don’t make use replace any broken pieces email because we’re small and poor approach though.


I didn’t know they did that. After 2 successful Kickstarters under their belt, I certainly hope they will learn to rethink their customer service approach.

As for the game, from what I’ve seen, it’s easy enough to learn and quite the immersive experience. Just make sure you don’t throw in any of the optional expansions in your first game.

If you get to play it, I’ll be looking forward to your impressions in the boardgames thread.


To be clear, they’re not actually refusing to replace broken parts.

Something wrong? Oh noes! We’re so sorry that happened! If you have a part that you can glue/repair, you have our sincere gratitude for doing so. If you have a box with a slight dent or ding and can live with it — thank you! It’s very expensive for our tiny company to ship and manage replacement parts. However, we want you to be happy and if you require a replacement sent, please contact [email protected] and inform them of the issue with photos. Replacement parts will be shipped at the beginning of each month. Thank you for being part of this with us!

I’ve done a lot of Kickstarters over the years. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen something like that before, like trying to guilt someone into not asking for a replacement for their part. The thing is, especially with board games, if their packaging isn’t good, something is breaking often because of how it’s in the box, they should want to know that for any reprints or retail shipping. Even if someone were to glue one of the minis, it seems ideal they be aware they have a weak spot and the packaging is inadequate.


Looks like they’re trying to make sure this one is well packaged:

Looks cool, I’d pick it up if it were soloable.


Hey look. Their pieces came in a box, definitely an improvement!


Darkest Dungeon is my number one. Its kickstarter project is already over and the game is available now. That is the first project I really liked there. And it costs extremely few for Apple products.


I can’t believe a business would type something so condescending, especially in a help section!

(and also so antiquated…)