Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Thank You, Paul, for the recommendation. The game is way up my alley and GOTY material for sure. I’m having a blast!

I’m playing on PS4 Pro, some weird graphics glitches here and there but I’ve encountered no game breaking bugs. The save system is fine and I had no reason for concern. The sleeping console, save on exit, and brewing schnapps is totally manageable.

I’m still picking herbs like crazy to make money. Sage is the most valuable to sell so far. One thing that’s been a challenge is vendors not refreshing their gold stock so I could go a couple in-game days and the vendors I sell to will have 0 groschen. I’m hoping to be able to sell weapons and armor once I get better at combat. Which brings me to…

I SUCK at combat. Maybe it’s me. I’ve been practicing heavily with Bernard and my skills are going up numerically and I’ve gotten some perks. I just leaned combos and now I need to learn master strikes. I heard the combat really opens up once you learn master strikes. But even then I don’t think I’ll get any better at the combat. I hope I’m wrong because I love everything about this game, I want to enjoy the combat as much as everything else.


It took 10 hours but this finally has its hooks into me. I was pretty bewildered at first and it takes a long time to reach a point in the main quest where I feel like I can take a breather. Now I understand the gamey parts of the game and I’m flying around knocking out my todo list like any great RPG.

The only negative so far is dying to a random encounter a quarter mile from town. It had been an hour since I saved. I thought about smashing the game to bits, but I reloaded and did a speed run through the same content in 10 minutes. Absolutely no value was gained from the save mechanic. Shrug.


Does it open up at all? I just escaped to the other castle and spoke to the older woman who came it when I was sleeping. It feels like I’ve either been running for my life or watching cut scenes. I’ve also been paranoid about veering from a known quest because I remember people talking about how the game can move on without you - so I diligently do what the game seems to want me to do.


Yes, the game opens up right around where you are now. But a word of caution. Don’t delay and wait around to do the 1st couple of main quests. That’s all I’ll say to avoid spoiler territory.


Umm it opened up about 7 hours later. That’s the very beginning of the game.


You’re absolutely right. I mis-read.


Man lock picking with the controller is freakin hard. I tried it with mouse and keyboard and it was noticeably easier. I feel bad for save scumming my way through that instead of trying another way to get out of the castle. Looked like there was a place I could get out.


I didn’t fully understand the directional combat, but I just found 2 bandits and it was pretty fun just moving, blocking and striking.


The DLCs are on sale, so in 20 hours when the Band of Bastards unlocks I will just get all three of them at once, and then when Woman’s Lot is released, I get that one for free as a backer :p


Ooh, thanks for the heads up. Paul, do all backers get A Woman’s Lot for free, or do you have to be at a specific tier?


I think all backers get it, because it was one of the stretch goals but they couldn’t make it in time for release.

Hey, happy to see you enjoy it :)


Sweet! I’ll pick up the rest of the DLC during the sale. :)


I had a “duh” moment on lockpicking when I realized I should find the hot spot on the mechanism and then keep my mouse pointer on that same spot as it rotated.

Originally I was trying to keep the yellow circle maxed out so I was adding an in-between step to the feedback process.


I’m about 2/3s through the main quests based on the number of quests I saw. I have to say it’s not gripping me like some. I’m starting to get a bit bored with the story and running around. I just find it a bit slow and skewed too heavily towards non gameplay elements. I can see how this can be a plus for some, but not so much for me and I usually like fairly heavy story games.


There is a TON of running back and forth across the map. That minor annoyance adds up due to a lack of instant fast travel. It was fine for the first 30 hours and now it’s starting to grind.

I also don’t like the characters and dialogue as much as The Witcher, so quests that are mostly talking don’t do much for me.

The game is greater than the sum of its parts so I still really like it.


If you follow one mission through to the end, I can see how you would end up running back and forth. I just hit each town and did all missions before moving on, finishing a region rather than a specific mission, so it didn’t become a problem. Until you level up your scouting option I rarely used the quick travel as I kept getting ambushed, but once you max the skill I quick travelled everywhere and just avoided any incident.


I focused on each region. It was still a problem.

Not to mention driving back to Rattay all the time to fix my clothing and sell to the shopkeeper I had groomed to have lots of money.

Anyway, I’m on the home stretch in the main quest. I did some Googling on everyone’s favorite side quests so I have 3-4 more of those to do as well and then I’m done.


Finished, 50 hours.

Overall I really liked it despite the rough edges. Such a neat setting. Of course I hope they make a sequel!


Any thoughts on story pacing towards the end?


I thought it was fine other than the weird exposition dump in the epilogue.

There are a couple times when the main quest has some rapid fire quests with a high sense of urgency. That seemed okay to me.