Latest insanity from Boston Dynamics


Too late, they’ve already got my meds.


What could possibly go wrong?


They’re even too skinny in the frontal aspect to properly shoot. The least they could do is design a big bullseye motif into the side facing you when the inevitable revolution starts.



In theory I suppose it could be used for messing around in busted reactors, to look at possibly boobytrapped areas and things like that. More realistically I think their projected demand is based on moonbeams and fairy dust and the hope that this promotes a little shareholder value somehow. I mean, even Elon Musk is unlikely to buy more than a dozen of them to scare his factory-floor workers.


There’s a reason why Google let Boston Dynamics go: where’s the revenue going to come from?


Looks like the robot could fetch me a beer from the fridge.

I got it! It somehow has the ability to find the lost TV remote! Or car keys!

Also, go in and wake up the lazy 16 year old who wants to sleep until 1pm on summer break.


If it can chase the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses from my doorstep I’ll buy it.


If you want to kill someone with a robot, you don’t need advanced decision making AI and reinforced learning algorthims and gyroscopes and distributed processing power. And especially high density, lightweight batteries. That’s the real bottleneck to all this. Physics.

The police did it in Dallas with a dumb tread robot with an explosive charge. Boom! There is your robot apocalypse. A strong, authoritarian government with ultimate surveillance powers and no risk kills. When you aren’t risking actual lives to enforce the law you don’t have to justify shit, you just percieve a threat and kill. I can see them using remote controlled robots for no knock warrants in the future. That will be fun!


And then they bill you for whatever damage you do to the equipment that’s invading your house.


Our robot overlords have now learned parkour:


Between global warming, disease and this, there really is no hope is there?


Damn. We never should have kicked its dog.


I was really hoping to see it hit its head on that piping and flip over backwards!


Just think, in about 10 more years, Chancellor Alex Jones will have a whole army of these at his disposal.


That is really impressive. Love how the arms act as counterbalances just like in humans.


Or maybe Google no longer wants to become associated with people who can find a use for these things.


Nope. They’re building a censored search engine for China that will launch in the next few months. You have to register with your government ID to use it.


Platform Games: IN PROGRESS
First-Person Shooters: PENDING


Finally they have a salable application for their robots!