Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

I’m generally not a fan of the pixel aesthetic, but Morta is a big exception.

Tales of a Spymaster looks promising. In early access due out May 17.

Big Boss Battle describes it thusly “Eight Kingdoms are readying for war, you are a spymaster in one of those kingdoms; whispering in your lord’s ears, planting traps for your foreign counterparts, and maintaining your position of power within the court.”

Just watched a recent video for this (Spymaster) and it does look promising.

Based on the Steam page, I’m thinking that a lot of important systems are going to be added after release though, so it may join my fairly long list of games to keep coming back to.

So I got this last night because it looked fascinating:

A roguelike shooter in which you have to climb to the top of a procedural tower, kicking and shooting enemies that get in your way. There’s so far a wide variety of enemies, some great uses of the environments, like kicking explosive barrels into groups of enemies, fun gun play and an amazing use of verticality.

It’s still pretty early, so there’s no progression yet, or bosses or anything, but apparently all that is coming. Right now I can tell you, even at this early stage, it’s FUN.

On sale:

I think take the slash off the end? Happened to me just a couple hours ago!

Just post the URL as plain text instead of inserting a link.

This looks interesting I especially like the music. Thanks @Bobtree for demistifying how to post the Steam link.

Plugging Sentinels of the Multiverse due to the final mega-expansion “OblivAeon” being released yesterday, completing all the content! There’s two “season passes” worth of content covering all of the physical card game and all its expansions, and you can grab it also on Android and iOS. Plus I think there are sales on Fanatical on the base game and Season 1, and you can also use the fanatical discount codes for a little bit extra off! I’m scared to play the Oblivaeon mode!

This looks interesting but I know nothing about the game play. The Historical Gamer has a video up, however, so I’ll check that out later.

(wow emoji)

It’s not that I literally thought this day would never come, but it’s been awhile!

So from what I can tell it’s kind of like Papers, Please but turn-based and set during the French Revolution. Sounds good to me.

Historical Gamer video

Looks like a possibility. It kind of follows in the TV tradition of giving the protagonist a personal/family drama to interweave with the main plot, so you are balancing the views of family, the populace, and the revolutionaries.

Not sure I understood the mechanics of questioning during the trial. I am not sure what the in-game balance is between running trials and personal goals.

I’ve played the first two days and I’m not sure I understand it all either. The mechanic of linking key phrases from the case summary to question category is kind of tough. With my bad eyesight, and playing on a laptop makes it tough for me to read some of the text. I’m going to try dropping the resolution to see if that helps.

From the trailer there appears to be some more interesting elements to come, like giving speeches before an execution and taking control of various districts of Paris.

All that aside, the cases I’ve seen are the same ones as the video, so it appears pretty linear so far without a whole lot of replayability. We’ll see if it open up along the way.


I completely forgot about Outward because of that awful split-screen gameplay video above. Apparently it comes out in 2 days.

I’m still totally down for this, and I might be able to talk my gal into playing it with me (splitscreen ftw!). Yeah, it looks a little janky, and I’m skeptical of the survival aspects, but I want to reward the devs, and the price is right ($40 on release).

finally the two indie threads are merged. hurrah!!!

I’m sceptical because what person of sound mind writes the date like this:

RELEASE DATE: 26th of March, 2019

Someone who doesn’t speak English as his first language and is being (perhaps unknowingly) overly formal? I don’t know where they’re from, but every video I’ve watched with the devs, they have a strong European accent (Dutch, maybe?).