Lost Ark (isometric ARPG/MMO) general discussion

If I knew in advance that I was going to really like the game and stick around and play it for a long time, it would be a pretty easy decision to get the gold pack. But, as it stands, I might consider bronze just to get the early start. It’s a bit of a gamble to buy the expensive packs without trying it first.

In PVE that is true. In PVP DPS paladins are just fine.

A streamer of Lost Ark who has been playing a couple years had a regret that he spent money on the game because everything he had (he had spent a bunch of money on it in KR) he could have gotten if he had just played the game. For all the crazy P2W rumormongering I haven’t found it to be that way at all as they may not give you everything you want in the timeframe you want but unless you choose to spend your gold without thought you can have access to the same stuff everyone else does. As this is a T1 release, you have plenty of time to get enough gold when you actually need it in T3, and as long as you like what you are playing by then you can spend it on your “main”.

Presume you are referring to Saintone?


The blue spells for a Paladin are DPS spells, and from what I understand you can spec DPS while you’re leveling. However, every single thing I read about leveling says it’s pretty easy and nobody should have trouble leveling to 50.

As you say, at 50, the expectation is that a Paladin is specced as support. If that role doesn’t appeal, you could always try Gunlancer - it’s a Warrior class that has some good group utility (shields, a taunt) and still does decent DPS. Because of its’ tankiness it often doesn’t need to move out of the way of some boss mechanics (so it’s good for lazy or slow reacting people like me!). The Gunlancer is considered the most tanky of all of Lost Ark’s classes (though there isn’t really any tanking in the game per se).

The first class I want to try is the Berserker. That looks really fun to me. I’ll also be trying a few others out. Everything I’ve seen says to do your experimenting with classes early on. So, I’ll try three or four and see which one is the most fun for me.

At first I thought this game was an online ARPG sort of like like Marvel Heroes but it’s really not. It’s a true MMO with an APRG look to it. It has a zillion different systems and things to do including dungeons and raids, which is good. The gear upgrade system looks kind of similar to BDO. It looks really fun but will have a learning curve for sure.

Keep in mind that “early on” is referring to Tier 1/2, so there’s plenty of time. But yeah, I’d try anything that interests you. And while you are doing that, you can work on account progression (estate, skill points, collectibles) which benefits every character on the server

Account-wide, which shouldn’t matter server-wise. Who knows if they will lock out regions. My assumption is that Amazon will have a hand in that, which means they may fuck it all up.

I started to say account-wide, but I wasn’t certain. Thanks

I found an excellent guide for beginning players of LA. You can download it in several formats (PDF, Word, etc.). It’s clear and well organized. Very helpful.

Thanks for this @Coldsteel!

There are a lot of helpful guides to kind of prep NA/EU release players. On the Wanderer’s discord, we have a channel that has scads of them with all kinds of good information about the absolute multitude of systems and mechanics in the game.

Edit: My bad, I had literary dyslexia :) Adjusted to what I meant.

Well, I wouldn’t say there’s a dearth of systems and mechanics in the game. In fact, just the opposite. There seems to be a zillion of them.

I found this interesting:

May have to check this out if Zen likes it. I guess New World lost its shine for you too.

I am particular about movement schemes in top-down and isometric games. I bind force-move to W and have the character move towards the cursor. This works great in D3, Last Epoch. It works in POE at the expense of a slot, and I understand D2R has or will soon enable this kind of keybind.

Holding down a mouse button for an hours-long gaming session doesn’t work, not for my aging joints. I literally just can’t. As I understand it, that is the only movement scheme available for mouse and keyboard setups in Lost Ark. It appears to be that or use a controller.

So, I am reluctantly giving this a miss. Am I missing something?

Absolutely. Maybe in a few years, it will be a good game but I am not sure if they can recover from what basically seems like them making bad decisions every single major patch/feature. On top of the bugs and not addressing the real issues it became chorelike.

I’ve watched a bunch of his videos recently, but hadn’t seen that one. That’s the most useful list of “don’t make these mistakes” I’ve seen

So I jumped into the Russia server to see if you could adjust the control scheme to something like this but I don’t think you can. The Move cursor is locked to a mouse button (at least in my game). There is an auto-move button that will move you in the direction you are currently going that doesn’t get interrupted by changing direction with the mouse or dodging but once you use skills you have to hit it again to start moving. I don’t use the hold-down method to move in ARPGs for the same reason you do. Just clicking puts less stress on my hand. The controller input seems very reasonable (like a Grim Dawn) but there are a lot of buttons and shortcuts using the M&K in the game so I don’t think it would benefit you much unless you are the kind of person who uses a controller and keyboard.