Marvel Heroes


Anniversary hero was between Daredevil and Black Widow so I went with Widow. I like that she has a variety of abilities. Feels like playing Deadpool with his gadgets. He was my first (and only) 60. Like CoH I have altitis in MH as well.


I’m running Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, She-Hulk (got her in a random box), and Doctor Doom, which are the ones I have uncapped/bought. Doom is the best in terms of dialogue, closely followed by GR. He speaks of himself in the third person and is gloriously pompous. It doesn’t hurt that his abilities are top-notch, either. The Witch is enormously effective as an AoE blaster, but her dialogue is a bit, well, prissy I think. Ghost Rider is damn good, if a bit like a hellfire preacher sometimes. Stark is Stark, and She-Hulk’s lines are forgettable lawyer-esque stuff. I never read these comics so I have zero idea about how accurate these personalities are, so I just go by entertainment value.


I’ve been levelling She-Hulk over the weekend and I really like her dialogue actually. I’ve got Spider-Woman out as an active team-up too, which gives me bonus stroppy Leliana-from-Dragon-Age talk. Agreed on Doom though, his comments are enjoyably arrogant.


Big 10 event is back this week, which doesn’t really do much for me since I haven’t been spending any time in the game, but if you’re actively playing now’s a good time to grind stuff. Also, another free pet this weekend.

To celebrate our anniversary as part of the Big 10, the Iron Man Mk 2 Team-Up is being given away to those who login all weekend long starting Friday, 6/26.


Teamups aren’t pets. Just saying. But I think this is the first free one? And while it’s nice to have a spread of them so you can pair them optimally with characters, even one represents a meaningful boost that you can apply to your whole roster. So definitely log in this weekend.


This anniversary event has been a ton of fun for me. I started SW and quickly got her to 60 (thank you, 150%+ server side boosts). Took advantage of the 50% of fortune card sale to buy a 36 pack of Future Fortune cards. Got lucky on the cards and got Doom Team Up along with The Thing and Invisible Woman costumes. Doom is one heck of a force multiplier when teamed up with SW, dang.

I loves me box drops, so having bosses each drop Worldstone boxes is fun. Sure they only have 1 - 2 items plus 2 - 3 worldstones, but still fun filling up the inventory and spending a few minutes opening them all up at the same time. Was in Industry City most of last night and ended up having to take little 5 - 10 minute breaks to open all the boxes and feed the cosmics to baby Groot.

Seriously, it disturbs me how much fun Marvel Heroes is considering how much of a disaster it was at launch. I’ve thrown some money in to it and feel like it was well spent.


Does anyone else have the sort of stability problems with the game client I’m having? I know such problems aren’t uncommon, based on the forums, but they’re stumping me. I recently even reinstalled Windows (on a new SSD) and even running the game on what is a pretty pristine system I still get kernel32.exe and other crashes, usually referencing the Unreal engine in some way. I can play for hours with no issues, then have several crashes in a row. There’s no real pattern in terms of what I’m doing at the time either.

I know the game has a long history of being flaky in many ways, but sheesh. My memory seems to test out ok, and other than the usual World of Tanks/World of Warships shennanigans, which have been going on since Wargaming rolled out there “tech” years ago, my other games and programs seem pretty stable. I wonder if my low-budget Zotac GTX 970, a first-gen card I think, is somehow wonky? Or maybe it’s audio drivers–I use only the Corsair USB headset stuff, none of the Realtek or Nvidia sound stuff is even installed. I even refrained from installing the Logitech software for my keyboard and mouse (never used it anyhow) because I’ve heard a lot of these types of errors are driver related. But I’m wondering if it’s just something wonky between my system and this game mostly.


I’ve never had an issue, short of occasional loss of sound, and even that didn’t happen the last several weeks that I was playing regularly. Haven’t played much in the last few weeks so it’s possible a recent patch could have destabilized things, but I’m afraid it’s more likely something system-specific.


Yeah, I am not having any issues.


I’m quite frustrated really–every attempt to troubleshoot this comes up with “it could be anything.” I don’t really have time or the resources to test every single piece of hardware and I’m loathe to buy anything new just on speculation. I do know that many people have posted about these issues, but I don’t know if there’s anything common between them. I run Win 7 home Premium 64bit, have 16gb RAM, and a Zotac GTX 970 with 4gb, with a last-gen i5 (3570k) in an ASUS motherboard. I haven’t been able to upgrade the bios in a year or more though because the website never every responds; I wonder if there’s a firmware issue? Dunno.


Second. First free one was Holiday Groot back at Christmas.

That said, given how overpriced team-ups are (noting that there are team-up characters that cost more than the actual playable versions), I highly recommend grabbing this one too.


That sucks, these kinds of non-specific issues are the worst to deal with. I can confirm that Win7 64-bit is OK, that’s what I’m running (though mine is Pro, not Home) and you shouldn’t be having any memory issues with as much RAM as you have. Most likely there’s some poor implementation of whatever the engine is using in your graphics drivers, and unfortunately as a user there’s not a whole lot you can do about that short of an upgrade or a ton of trial-and-error with graphics settings to find something that doesn’t hit the problem spot (if such even exists). For whatever it’s worth, I’m on a GTX 650 Ti Boost and haven’t had any issues.


I keep getting booted from the server. According to the official forum I’m not alone. It’s not an issue on my side, every other game connection is rock solid.


Yeah, the 970 I have is a first-gen Maxwell I think and there have been issues with it since day one, but very intermittent and only in some games. I changed a mobo setting and am going to see if that helps.

In better news, though, I have to say that Majik is a killer team up. I have Groot, and now Iron Man II or whatever we got today, but I like Majik so much…


I have the same problem, mainly in Midtown and Industry City. Just randomly stops responding and 20 seconds later I get booted to the login screen.


Man, I can’t get over how good they’re getting at this hero design thing. I wasn’t immediately sold on Doom as a summon build - nothing you summon lasts more than about ten seconds, so it’s super fiddly, and three of the five things you can summon are mutually exclusive - but as you level and equip summon buffing artifacts and such they actually become quite effective and it becomes clear that the short initial duration is because you can stack a bunch of extra duration on and become monstrous. And of course, I haven’t quite gotten there but when you take the summon specialization trait suddenly you get all your bots and then some. But it seems clear he’s got tons of potential as a caster or tech character, too. And that defensive passive. So good.


Best thing about Doom is that Doom speaks of Doom in the third person. Always.


My Doom is now 50 and respecced into a nearly pure summon build. Here’s what a terminal run looks like now:
Enter. Spawn Doombots. Spawn Shield/cinder/etc bots. Leave them to rampage as I teleport rapidly through the whole damn thing. Periodically respawn the shield/etc bots. Doombots are permaspawn. Hit boss. Also summon servobots and doom drones. Unleash 15 frigging robots (plus freespawn from my advanced and regular Latverian Regalia) and shoot the boss in the face with a pistol. Watch health bar melt in seconds and maybe help it along a bit with an airstrike and a machine-gun like spray of mystical deathbolts (11.3 per second!). Exeunt. Does my health budge? Nah. I’ve got like 20% passive damage reduction and another 15-20% projectile deflection, I heal a few hundred HP every second, I’ve got several thousand defense, and oh yeah, my shieldbot is taunting all the enemies. And I teleport.

Granted, I haven’t hit cosmics yet for obvious reasons, but…yeah. It’s beautiful.


An Nvidia card… what version of the drivers are you using? You want to be on the last version before the GTA 5 release (there’s a sticky in the PC Tech support forums on with the version number). Later versions produce crashes, so maybe that’s what you’re hitting? Apologies if you already mentioned this - I skimmed the recent posts!


No, didn’t see this. That’s…problematic. My OTHER games kind of like the newer drivers. So, yeah. But I will definitely give it a try.