Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

Ghost Rider will definitely want a major support in their team to keep their health up, someone like Doctor Strange or Nico, especially since the more health he can consume for abilities, the more damage he does.

So who is the lead designer on this game and is Sid involved in any direct way?

Joe Weinhoffer. Creative director is Jake Solomon.

I am thinking of using Fanatical to preorder the game since I can get a 15% coupon. Any experience gaming the Steam key late etc?

Edit: I put my Fanatical question on a separate thread and my concerns were naught and went ahead and pre-ordered the game. I ended up buying the Legendary Edition since I had a coupon that saved me 15 dollars and at that price I felt it was worth it.

Lowest price at Voidu, 30% Off with code BUY30. I’ve just bought it:

I was on the fence, but the last videos convinced me, and I owe them all the hours with their XCOMs (except Chimera, sorry).

Maybe I regret it, but my backlog is proud of me.

Thanks for the heads up!

Tempting. They don’t seem to have the standard edition. I wonder if the legendary edition is worth it. I don’t care about the skins, but the 4 DLC heroes would be nice. Wonder if it’s cheaper just to get those DLC separately. I guess if each hero DLC was $5 buying the legendary edition would break even at the price of this deal, and I can’t imagine the hero DLC would be that cheap on release.

I’ve bought the standard edition, and browsing in Voidu I can see both standard and Legendary.

I don’t care much for the DLC because I think this would not be as replayable as XCOM.

If I’m wrong, probably it’ll be some good deals, Firaxis games sell over a lot of sites.

Honestly, I think the DLC bonus characters just ensures that I will be waiting on buying this game. It seems prime to hit deep discounts not too long after release.

All I see are the Legendary and Digital + editions.

Maybe it’s some region thing, I’m in Europe and I can see both Legendary and normal edition. Below the link to the normal edition, try if you can access:

Yeah, it says “Product not available in your country” when I try to put it in my cart. Not sure why, that makes no sense.

Thanks for the link though.

Appreciate the tip!

Not only did the 30% trigger, but because Voidu doesn’t charge tax in Canada, that saved me another 15%!

I had to pay a little more due to the exchange rate over buying on other sites, but I wound up still saving a total of almost 33%! The end result is that I picked up the legendary edition for $13 more $1.11 more than what Steam wanted for the basic edition.

Glad to help!

Am I the only one that gets a stupid grin on his face every time watching this cheesy 90s X-men-cartoon-styled opening?

I’ve been unsure if I should watch them - if they are going to play in-game I want to see them for first time that way, but if they are outside of the game and watching them on YouTube is the only way to view them, I would go ahead and dig in. I keep meaning to look that information up, my initial Google attempts failed to get me any definitive answers.

I don’t know the answer. It’s possible they will play at the start, though they do call them “prequels”

I can see these playing before each characters introduction, for example. Who knows!

The livestream with Abbey gameplay/details is tomorrow 10am Pacific