Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

I’ve been pretty careful, but I’ve still managed to really screw myself over with a couple of boners, one during a really close boss fight. ARGHHHHH, where’s my undo button like in Old World???

That’s cool that Tactics Ogre has it, too. One of the issues here is that you obviously can’t undo certain moves, but once I realized how movement worked – you can freely move a character until you use an ability – and especially how helpful the interface is with positioning elements, it got a lot easier to avoid interface mishaps.

Still, like you, I’ve been spoiled by another recent game!

I don’t mind messing up a card play. I mind messing up a move/shove as that interface has some issues.

Can you say what the issues are? My own issues with the system was that I didn’t understand it. :)

Especially Shove. One thing I don’t think the game tells you is that you can only Shove from a hero’s starting position. Once she has moved, she can’t Shove. And there’s no visual indicator that I can see for when you’ve used your single Shove, or if the character has moved yet. But it’s part of why positioning matters: you can only ever Shove from where you started the turn.

Okay I just stopped combat so I can’t screenshot.

with a mouse this is what I do:

make sure the character I want to move is selected

if they need to reposition to shove, you will see the green circle appear

click where i want my hero to move. A green circle will appear to show i am repositioning. Then I can move the mouse over to the target, and click.

A red arrow will appear, and I can select direction. Click again to confirm.

My issue is if I just move and forget to shove, 99% of the time I am out of luck and I can’t shove again. Sometimes it will let me shove with ANOTHER character. Sometimes with the same. It is weird.

With the controller, I am more prone to accidents when repositioning, and I waste the move. It’s a pity because controller is easier for some things (moving around the abbey for example). I kinda swap around the 2 at the moment.


It is important to note you can only shove once per turn, no matter how many moves you have

You shouldn’t worry about the Friendship level outside of what you want for bonuses or team bonuses and even less about cosmetics. In the new game+ you keep all your friendship levels and all cosmetics are unlocked so even if you pour everything into a very select number of heroes or mostly ignore the abbey you can always change it up without losing anything.

But even so, the top objective needs to be eliminating enemies first - supply boxes or intel caches can’t hurt you.

Well sure, but I don’t think @geewhiz is that far - I think he’s closer to where I’m at, about 5-7 hours in.

Consumables, but they are called “items” in game. I got them from Arcane Chests (an Epic and a Rare chest, plus some goodies in a Legendary Chest I uncovered).

EDIT: I took a screenshot when I got one of them:

EDIT2: I seem to have quite a few new research options and blueprints for things to build/craft from exploration around the Abbey as well.

Is it worth it to get the Season Pass for X|S?

I’m doing this as well - controller for non-combat, then I put it down to Mouse/KBD for combat.

Use your quick cards to ko minions (saving card plays)

Use knockback to take out minions (even a knockback that does a damage by itself will still ko a minion if it hits anything…like another minion!).

Look for opportunities to hit multiple enemies with slides or explosives.

For really dangerous enemies, look for opportunities to stun them using the environment.

Be mindful of which heroes are being attacked. If they have already lost significant health, prioritize enemies attacking them.

At the start of missions, maybe spend a bit more time managing incoming damage before worrying about the objective. Your goal should be to avoid having any heroes get downed. You won’t always succeed, mind you, but have that as the goal. Focusing the objective is good, but not if your squad gets pummeled as a result.

Pro tip: environmental damage and knockback damage can circumvent protection! So, you might fling an enemy into an item you need to destroy to work on two things at once.

I am on day 16 in the game.

I believe that I have been doing what most people are suggesting. There are times if I concentrate on going after the minions than I run out of time on the supplies/destroy types missions. It is certainly a balance act.

I am starting to think that part of the problem is the level of my heroes over all. Hunter is level 9 (Spiderman 8, Magic 8) but most of the others are probably 6. Obtaining the Threat Upgrade may help with this aspect.

Correct! This is working as intended. As I mentioned above, as soon as a character uses move to shift position, he or she can no longer shove. You can only shove from your starting position (i.e. where you were at the beginning of the turn or after using an ability card).

That’s my understanding of how it works! Does that help at all? I think it might have been clearer if there were a simple indicator for each turn’s Shove, but Midnight Suns seems intent to err on the side of too little info instead of too much. :(

Those aren’t earned through exploration, they’re crafted. Items are one of the gameplay systems that will be installed in the forge room once you research it. Same with blueprints.

Again, my point was simply that the Abbey is not a significant gameplay pursuit. It’s an optional narrative shell where a ton of cosmetic stuff lives, and exploration is heavily gated by story progression. It’s simply not something a new player should get tripped up on.

And also found in the arcane chests, like I mentioned. I’ve found two that way, at least!

Does the Abbey collectibles such as Wolfsbane only help with cosmetics? Now I am thinking that the ingredients, and currency we need for upgrades is only battles and found in the mansion itself?

There is only 1 mod I want: Running indoors.

The crafting materials can be used to craft items you can use in combat.

Correct. The currency for upgrades is actually earned mostly by tearing down unwanted cards and doing supply interdiction missions.

Where are you getting this from? In my game, consumables and cards are crafted with Attack, Skill, and Heroic Essence.

However, I see recipes in books under the Quest tab for stuff using herbs and whatnot, but I don’t see where I’m supposed to actually craft those things.

At the cauldron in the library, opened up from an early game quest chain with Agatha’s ghost.

Reagents like that are used by Agatha’s Cauldron and you get recipes to get them. They range from essense, gift, to cosmetics and pattern unlocks. You can also get combat items, but you also have the forge as well for those.

Spread out your game man. You need to have options within a class of hero strengths. For example to rotate through. So having 2 Supports, 2 AOE, 2 Utility that you can access to make a strong team. You seem to go for support pretty heavily and need to invest in a little more variation.

Use your training sessions as well to level them up.

What the heck, Agatha? When do I get to use the cauldron???

I’m sitting on tons of Witchbane and Basil and Dandelions and whatnot, if anyone needs to borrow any. :(

On a related note, Ebony finally wandered indoors:

Can we keep her? Better yet, can we trade in the freaky skinless Resident Evil dog to keep her?