Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

That is the cauldron. There is a quest (maybe after you go through her questline that turns it on. It came online for me on like Night 6.

Charlie is a good girl. She points out shit you overlook while you are driving around the Abbey grounds.

Well, it’s day 28 for me, and I thought I had done everything I could with Agatha. I read all the new books every night before bed (i.e. click on them) so I keep dutifully pouring the +5s into my Arcane Knowledge. But she’s never offered to let me use her cauldron, so I just figured it was a goofy prop and the library was mainly for Book Club.

I wonder if I hit a bug?

Charlie is so dumb she sits there and barks at the common chest just outside my bedroom until I waste an artifact key to open it. So I take her out deep into the woods past all the freaky wickermen in Dreamer’s Descent and tell her to “stay”. But she always finds her way back to the Abbey. :(

you can use the plants and stuff to convert essence from one type to another, make combat items and make essence from scratch as well as gifts and cosmetics. there is plenty to gain towards combat from doing abbey stuff. Sure you can minimize how much you do and even skip a bunch, but to act like it won’t make you less efficient in combat is just not entirely truthful to me.

Go to Agatha’s cauldron and you’ll see how much you can affect combat with those resources. On top of all of that chests reseal every now and then and you can reopen them and those also give you currency that helps with combat stuff. Like credits for upgrades. Then there are the permanent passives from social stuff combined with temporary buffs that are sometimes massive (like all attacks are crits next mission) I find all the stuff you can do between missions tedious at times, but I have a hard time not taking advantage of the tangible benefits of it all. Having said that I’m only playing on normal so it’s mostly overkill for me. Often getting 3 stars, only had one mission where I was injured and finished the lvl 8 trial at lvl 4 for example. Normal is probably a bit easy for me, but I think a lot of it is the extra oomph from those between mission buffs.

You might have. The quest she offers is to go down into the tunnels of under the forge to get an ember. Maybe roam where you would discover the tunnel is or into it and maybe it will fire.

It’s directly north of the Forge outside of the Abbey, in a rocky gully. Charlie can point it out for you, even though you hate her hellhoundy face.

Protip: Don’t open those common chests with keys, wait and open then once you get Arcane 4 and they become free. Use your keys on Rare/Epics.

If you are still using keys on common chests you are also doing things wrong, weird you wouldn’t have that unlocked by day 28, but I think that comes with ignoring the abbey stuff as well. Getting arcane knowledge high enough makes common chests free.

They respawn. Weird you wouldn’t know that. :)

Also, I didn’t actually do that, I was making a point about the dog and trying to be humorous. Similarly, my character isn’t actually dating Captain Marvel.

What makes you think I’m ignoring the abbey stuff? Have you actually read this thread? I can assure you I’m going to 100% this abbey if it kills me.

Wow, none of that sounds familiar. Don’t tell me anything else, as I might have missed something in exploration! But I’m glad to know there’s actually some use for those recipes. I busted my ass finding all the ingredients expecting something would unlock at that point, but then nothing happened. : /

EDIT: @zenblack, are you talking about the ladder that goes to the underground bonfire? I was down there a long time ago and nothing has respawned or sent me back there since. I don’t remember what I got down there, but I remember getting something and then the space seeming to become irrelevant. I’m really concerned some bug has kept the cauldron locked, because I see now, plain as day, it says on the Reagents screen that you’re supposed to use them in the cauldron.

Moves and shoves are not separate things. I think that is the disconnect here. A shove is something you gain the ability to do as part of a move action. If you no longer have a move action, you can not move, therefore, you can not shove.

Moves and Shoves are different actions, though. A Shove is always hitched to a Move, but they’re not the same thing. And the fact that we seem to be disagreeing when I suspect we both understand the system just fine implies to me Firaxis could have communicated how they work better. :)

Does anyone else not have a portrait in the hero screen/mission character selection? Mine is just a blank box, while the other heroes have portraits.

I don’t mean to argue semantics.

Regardless, I am pretty certain you can use a move, then use another move to shove with the same character. But you need multiple move actions.

I’m level 6 and have 22 dark points. Is it too late for me to switch alignment? I like being nice too much.

Okay, I’ve figured it out and here’s the confusion, which is probably what you were trying to explain all along. You can’t Shove if you’re using your last Move as Momentum.

Momentum is what it’s called when your character has moved, but hasn’t used an Ability Card yet. It means you can freely position yourself without using Moves, and it’s indicated with the little green feet icon. However, to Shove, you need to use a Move without invoking Momentum; in other words, you need to use the Move from your starting point before testing positioning by using Momentum. Which is what I was trying to explain, but without using Firaxis’ terminology, because I didn’t know it. :)

Yes, that is it.

She sends you down there, the ember is the fire.

I’ve never been able to do this, even with multiple moves.

Ok, I’ll have to double-check. Thought I did so yesterday.

I don’t know what that means. It’s not an interactive object for me and I’ve already tried Word of Powering it, along with everything else in the cave. :( Like I said, I know there was something I had to fetch down here much earlier in the game, and I did that. Is this ember a second thing that was down here, or is this what I should have done earlier?

Because if it’s the case that my first trip here should have unlocked the cauldron, I’m afraid my game is bugged.

Cauldron (to get it) - need second word of power and then talk to Agatha in the Library

You can’t use the cauldron at all?

You were sent with Charlie to retrieve the ember, then there’s a conversation with Agatha back in the library where Hunter remarks the container isn’t even warm.

Ah, thanks @geewhiz I couldn’t remember when it unlocked, exactly. Oh, and I just realized you’re avatar is NOT Velma…

Nevermind, Magik likes it when I’m dark and she’s my bestie.