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Made it through the Pyrennees. Not quite as spectacular as Patagonia, but very picturesque. But, man, that landing at Castillon de la Laquette is hairy. Like Courchevel, it’s on the side of a mountain in a relatively narrow valley, but it’s also a grass strip, so hard to find.

I’ve started reading this in order to prepare my mind and body. Not the same plane but similar technology level, with talk of gustlocks and other such estoterica. It is good so far (they’re in Fiji with the Pearl Harbor attack just about to happen).

That Twin Otter looks gorgeous. I picked up the Britten-Norman Islander from Black Box which is a lot of fun and very easy to fly (I have my doubts about realism, you can really fling it around).

I need to crack on with this; sounds very enjoyable.

Nordic update showing me a lot of stuff I’ve never heard of or seen before. Looks great!

I might be wrong, but I think I recognized the spot where the last Mission Impossible movie had its climatic scene. Oh, in fact, isn’t it the one shown here in the little placeholder image before you play the video?

I didn’t post any screenshots, but I continued my Patagonia trip yesterday. While I was in the menu, I noticed that they added 5 new Bush trips in the Nordic update! Wow! I think they just doubled the number of official bush trips.

One thing that comes to mind during this Patagonia trip: holy shit, this beautiful land looks fairly inaccessible in a lot of places on the ground. I wonder if this is one case where enjoying this area via a flight is actually the best way to see this scenery.

They’re mostly (all?) discovery tours, I think, so if you count the discovery tours from previous updates it’s not quite so dramatic.

Are those in a different menu in previous updates? Under Bush Trips, I only see these, as listed here from the fan wiki page:


Yeah, they didn’t get added as bush trips before. I think they just had their own tile in the interface. Not sure if they’re still accessible.

I haven’t triple-checked, but I’m fairly certain those are not. Providing access to “expired” events is on the feedback snapshot – the June 17th one has it as #36 on the list with a planned implementation of “2021”.

Btw, I’m slightly sad to see that the Alaska Bush trip uses the same aircraft as the Patagonia trip. The “CubCrafters XCub” is fine from within the cabin, but in an external view it’s freaking loud. So loud that if I want to hear whatever podcast I’m listening to at the time on my PC, I have to alt-tab out and mess with the volume mixer in order to hear anything besides the engine.

That setting should take care of it for you, no?

South France is way more Evergladesy than I thought. The silly thing is, I’ve visited the Rhone valley pretty recently, but we never got to the coast. Arles was as far south as we got, which is apparently on the northern edge of this marshy area.

So jealous of the gorgeous clouds you get. Do you set a certain weather pattern, or was that from Live Weather?

The only thing I know for sure is that whenever I load a saved game, live weather gets changed to a clear sunny day with no clouds.

That’s on a bush trip, so I can’t control the weather. Not sure if it’s preset or live.

Speaking of presets, I discovered this the other day and have been using it a fair bit. It will create a bunch of random VMC weather presets for you. It’s nice to make 20 or so of them and pick an arbitrary one for a flight if real weather isn’t what you want at that point.

FWIW, I don’t think I’ve ever loaded a saved game. For bush trips, I just do a leg at a time and continue from the menu.

Woohoo, finally earned enough in Neofly to buy a TBM. Now I can do scenic bush missions in the 172 when I want, or speedy lucrative trips in the TBM.

Wait, what? When did Neofly add aircraft purchases??? I’m so far behind. Glad to hear that’s added. I’m also waiting for more updates from Skypark beyond simple flights as well. That’s progressing way too slowly.

EDIT: I see they are adding/added multiplayer as well. Wonder how that will work?

Enjoy it! I love the TBM, so nice to fly and insanely fast for what it is.

@Skipper yeah same, I’m not using Skypark as much as I used to because there’s little point in accumulating cash right now. Hopefully we’ll get some more features soon.

Having said that, if you’re going to do something else anyway, you could have Skypark on at the same time for the small gain; in case you didn’t know, you can specify an exact flight in the search filter and it will accommodate you.

Pretty sure it had them when I first started playing it, which was quite a long time ago now.

I know they are still beta but the lack of anything to spend cash on seems … strange?