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Is that the first working VNAV in the sim?

Not quite, it’s in a few others. I’m pretty sure the VNAV in our CJ4 was the first, but off the top of my head you can also now find it in the WT G3000 (advisory only), the FBW A320, and the Aerosoft CRJ. I think the pimarc 430/530 will do advisory VNAV, but I’m not positive about that one.

Edit: Oops, not the 320 yet.

Oh I didn’t realise the A32NX has it now. I really ought to read the pull requests more often, heh.

Actually, my apologies. I know they’ve been working on it (and they’ve been talking to us about importing and adapting some of our logic from the CJ4), and I thought it had been released, but it looks like it’s still on an experimental branch:

Sorry bout that.

There’s also this branch, which seems to be the main one where they’re doing the flight planner work:

Edit: Here we go, they posted a status update a couple days ago, so we can get it straight from the plane’s mouth. The new FPM with LNAV is in “late development”, but they still have VNAV as “early stages”.

Wait a second, that’s on a Beechcraft Baron isn’t it? Those GPS’s look a LOT better than the stock in-game. I’m amazed at all the progress with the different GPS units and functions you guys have made.

Not sure if that was in the Baron or Bonanza, honestly. They look pretty much the same, at least in that view.

Thanks! I’m pretty stoked with how the NXi is looking.

Keep an eye out around the end of this month. It should be arriving in the Marketplace in the form of an officially supported public beta soon, and will be a drop-in replacement for the stock G1000.

(It will eventually become the stock 1000, but going through the Marketplace lets us get it in peoples’ hands sooner and iterate on it faster than if we were tied to the core sim release cycles.)

As long as I’m sharing progress shots, here are two other little ones we recently released. The first is one of the most asked-for features we’ve had: accurate implementation of “direct enter enter” to go direct to a future waypoint in your flight plan.

(Notice, also, the lack of any fake USR waypoints there.)

And, of course, once you’ve done that you need to be able to resume your course… so here’s a pretty awesome looking course resumption. Check that turn anticipation!

I’m assuming even more space will be needed for deluxe content, add-ons, etc. I’ve been pruning “I’m going to play this, really” stuff and I can move other stuff temporarily to my external SSD….

I ended up getting an Storage Expansion Card in part because I figured Flight Simulator would need a lot of space. Also my internal storage as well as an external 1TB USB SSD are constantly full and I’ve deleted a bunch of games and then wanted to play them again, which is a problem since Comcast has a data limit. So more storage is definitely going to be nice.

I am loving the DC-6. Just did Heathrow to Bristol without using the AFE at all. Seemed to go well, although I didn’t have engine failures on so I’m guessing it would have been a different story if I had!

It’s actually deceptively easy to fly once you get used to the layout, and the gyro pilot - halfway between fancy trim and a real autopilot - works a lot better than I expected it to. I’ll probably fly very little else for a good while. Now, back to the manual…

Isn’t it a great plane? If you go to then engine stress page on the tablet it will give you a convenient look at all the engine parameters and which are outside of normal ranges. It’s really useful for getting the feel of how not to blow the radials up. :D

Yeah that’s very handy, and it’s also the reason I suspect my flight would have been disastrous if I’d had failures enabled. :) Usually some problem at every damn stage of the flight. I need to thoroughly read that manual, and continue watching the tutorial videos.

When PMDG first announced the DC-6 would be their first aircraft (in MSFS) I was very meh about it. How boring, I thought! But now I see the wisdom. It’s the perfect balance between low level GA and modern airliners, with just the right mix of automation and stuff to monitor to keep you reasonably busy all flight. This will definitely keep me happy until they get their 737 out the door!

Edit: My only gripe, and it’s minor in the grand scheme of things, is some of the textures in the cockpit are surprisingly low res. Thankfully it’s only stuff like the padding and some of the text labels. Definitely minor, but I do notice it and I was surprised.

@kaosfere , apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but is the WT G1000 mod working on the Skyhawk? I think I installed it, but I don’t see any difference. The only other mod I’m running is the mobile companion app.

No worries, I don’t mind helping. It should work on any of the planes with a 1000 in it. How do you have it installed? Main folder inside the zip file needs to go directly inside the community folder. Is that what you have?

The path is D:\Users\SMR Desktop 2020\Appdata\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community\workingtitle-g1000-v0.3.7. It’s not supposed to still be in the zip file is it?

Is it possible that it’s installed, and I’m just not sophisticated enough to notice the differences? The lean engine page isn’t in there. Is there something else I should look for that will indicate whether it’s working or not?

Edit: Wait! There is another folder nestled within that folder! It is called workingtitle-g1000. I bet that’s the folder that’s supposed to go in the Community folder! I would try it, but I don’t want to wait for the game to load. Tomorrrow!

Yep that’s the one.

Yep, that’s your issue.

You’re far from the first person who’s had that problem. :)

Yeah, I had the same problem. In our defense, the instructions say to unzip the contents of the folder into that folder, not its subfolder, so I blame the instructions.

I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to here. You’re supposed to place the contents of the zipfile, which is the directory with the mod in it, into the community folder. Pretty sure that’s what we have as instructions, but if we have text that’s confusing somewhere I’m happy to clarify it if you give me a pointer to it.