Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

Oh sorry, I wasn’t talking about this one in particular. I was talking about the one I installed, which was the cardboard aeroplane upthread. For all I know, maybe that one is the only one with the bad instructions. Apologies!

You just need to clarify the readme, especially if I’m far from the first person who’s had that problem. :)

Sorry I haven’t checked in lately, but I haven’t had a lot to say. I’ve been too busy flying my

…which I assume is an elegant expression of Schurem’s disdain for FS Economy and the like :P

I’m kind of trapped in that same Elite Dangerous cycle of grinding for upgrades, but having fun with it!

Quarter to Three FSE Group members:

I have made some changes to the SA network. Louis Trichart (FALO) was being neglected as it was too far away from our hub, so I bought another airport to link it to. I also bought a Beechcraft C90 to fly the route - this is a paid addon but the plan is to sell it once it’s paid off and buy a Caravan or something. I bought these with my own v$ so the group cash wasn’t affected.

I’ve also just leased a Caravan (it’s incorrectly in my name, getting him to change to the group), and am splitting off the FAKP-FAMU route from the hub so that there is a second route where some decent $ can be made.

Medium term, I’m thinking keep an eye out for a decent hub in the vicinity (the one we have is so nondescript as to be painful) and also for <100nm routes to fly from it.

Exciting times in the rubber dogshit game :P

It was a quote from an 80s movie, kids these days…

@kaosfere, just out of curiosity, will you guys be adding OBS functionality in the G1000 in a future update? I noticed it’s greyed out but in the default Asobo version it’s available.

Not to the freeware version, that is going to be EOL shortly when the NXi gets its first public release. OBS mode will certainly be in the NXi, hopefully in the initial release, but if not then soon after.

(I should note that when I talk about the “freeware version” or the “open source version” I’m referring to the one on our github. The NXi will be free to everyone who already owns the game, and will eventually become the default G1000 simulation. As for open source… that’s TBD. :D )

Funny you should mention that, I -just- picked that up over the weekend. I’ve also branched out and flown quite a few routes with OPA (other people’s aircraft) where I could find King Air 350s for rent. It’s been fun since the goal was to get me out of my rut and enjoy flying in random places. I haven’t flown the C90 yet, this should help spur me to do so. Nice work on both that and the Caravan, you’ve been making some cash it seems?

The cockpit of the C90 (if it’s the VirtualCol Beech 99) is atrocious, but it’s a really versatile plane in FSE.

The FSE version has the correct range too - the MSFS version only manages about 600nm in comfort - so you should open the engines.cfg file and change the fuel_flow_scalar parameter to 0.55 :)

Been making loads of cash but I dunno if it’s worth it as I have huge debt also ;)

I’ve basically been renting 2- and 3- lot FBOs and leasing planes to fly between them. Very lucrative, but as soon as I have 200K in my account I either buy another plane or a new FBO :(

Trying to downsize all that now.

Edit: I should note the Caravan is not a lease-to-buy, just a straight rental.

This popped up in my YouTube feed this morning. It looks like the perfect companion for when you’re out of town with your laptop or if you want to teach a cat how to fly.

They even have a tuning knob because holy hell can it be frustrating twisting knobs with a mouse wheel. One false move and you’re zooming in or out. That’s been the bane of flight simmers since the first interactive 3D cockpits.

Flight simulator 2020 best hardware so far - YouTube

Done. Did you have to add a livery to match FSE’s C90 name or is that already FSE approved for use as the C90?

And can I livery a 350 into it?

That’s awesome. Imagine having to demonstrate it to airport security :)

Already approved (at least the ones I tried - American Eagle livery is quite cool).

I dunno, I’m afraid.

This thing’s really cute. It’s almost tempting, for use with the laptop when traveling, but I can just give myself the extra challenge of using an Xbox One controller.

BTW, I finally tried flying with the Xbox One Controller when setting up my laptop. Holy crap, you guys who learned on that were automatically playing on Extreme difficulty. Not easy.

Any idea when that is? I didn’t know the WT G1000 didn’t have OBS functionality, and I was pretty thrilled to see it in the Asobo version. It’s something I use IRL all the time - great for pattern work.

That thing looks like it will snap after about an hour.

I flew on VATSIM drunk as a skunk the other night, and amazingly, got away with it. At least, I didn’t wake up to any angry notifications anyway.

Took off from Heathrow in the A32NX to do a short hop to Edinburgh. Apparently even that was too much for my alcohol-sodden brain and, seeing Manchester was still controlled that late (between 1 and 2am), hastily changed my IFR plan and diverted there.

Either the ground controller didn’t recognise I was drunk, or didn’t care. After landing he told me where to park, and by the time I’d done that he was offline. I think the poor sod probably wanted to log off but saw I was incoming, and kindly stayed online for me.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: if you think you’re too drunk to fly on VATSIM, do it anyway.

Pre-install on Xbox Series has begun.

My journey across Russia continued this weekend, even though there was nothing screenshot-worthy to report. I do still run into oddities that make me wonder why things were built the way they were, of course. Like for miles and miles and miles, there was a section where the railroad lines just went in a straight line. The road would curve around with the river nearby, or curve around some hills, but the railroad was absolutely 100% straight.

And then I ran into a few hills where the railroad completely curved around every hill. It wasn’t even all that steep compared to the sections where they had kept it straight, but here was super super curvy all of a sudden.

Oh good. I received a message from Comcast that I hit 75% of my data limit. But after seeing your message I checked and it looks like I now have MSFS at 97 GB on the Xbox and The Ascent (another Game Pass game releasing a day or two after MSFS) now on the SSD at 17 GB.

That’s a relief, before I saw your message I was trying to do a quick calculation to see if I was likely to go over 100% when MSFS installed.