Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

FYI there’s an optional chunk of Flight Sim that’s only necessary if you want to play the game offline. If you’re always going to be connected, you can delete it to free up 50+ GB disk space on console.

I look at a photo like this and I realize, hey wait, maybe I’m missing out by always flying at low altitude in this game.

Flight Sim on XSS

It’s nuts that the series S is able to run flight simulator so well.

Time for another preview video, as we put some of the last touches on things before the public beta.

This one demonstrates the accuracy of our VNAV implementation. Here it smoothly captures VPTH at TOD, nails the 100 degree turn, and hits BOD exactly on time at the bisector, all right on the magenta line. Our vertical guidance accounts for precise turn distance, the vertical deviation indicator holding steady throughout, just like the real unit. 😊

So, once this is properly in-sim, assuming a sensible flight plan, is there ever going to be a reason to use NAV rather than VNV?

If I understand your question right, the two are complementary. VNAV only controls the vertical component, you still need lateral guidance as well.

Ah, so it’s not like APR, which is basically NAV+ glide path? It’s not NAV+ VS?

What I’m asking is, given functioning underlying logic and a correctly designed flightplan, does the VNV button supersede the NAV button entirely, or are there circumstances where you would want to use NAV instead of VNV? Or, as your response suggests, do you have to press NAV (or HDG, or nothing) and then VNV - it’s completely separate from the other autopilot functions and only affecting VS?

That’s pretty much correct, yeah. Here’s what the NXi pilot’s guide says about VNV activation.

That said, I was playing in the NXi trainer a bit, and I was able to turn HDG on once VNV was activated. Then it started acting funny (the trainer is a POS) and crashed shortly thereafter. Whee.

In general, though, yeah. It’s not a replacement for a lateral navigation mode, or a combination of lateral and vertical like APR.

What’s interesting to me, though, is that if you look at the matrix of AFCS modes, pushing the VNV button, though it can only be done with a VNAV flight plan active, without anything else active, turns on ROL mode. I don’t know, though, if it would follow the vertical guidance there, though. Need to play more in the trainer to get that one right. :)

Xbox version looks really good!

Due to the warm weather, I’ve been playing on the “Low-end” preset this week, and it’s still been really great. The only real issue is that a lot of times the destination airport only pops in at the last moment. But very useable!

Probably it was using the hillsides to gradually gain elevation.

Mixing it up is probably beneficial ;) I don’t fly that high much, but I’ve really enjoyed flying at 25,000 ft over areas where I’ve completed a bush trip, and seeing all the features from that height.

D’oh. Forgot that Neofly has “permadeath” for planes and lost my TBM 930 when I popped out of the room to do some cooking. My planes are now insured… On the plus side, this has given me the opportunity to rebase in Asia and check out the campaign.

When I pass like farms in the middle of nowhere in podunk Russia, I keep thinking, I wonder if they’re connected to the internet. Because if they’re connected to the internet, this would be a great place to live.

Pretty sure they’re online and flying over Manhattan…

Hot off the (video) presses, and probably my last bit of promo before the public beta ships, here is our most comprehensive preview of the NXi yet. It’s all come together pretty well, I think. I’m stoked for people to get their hands on it. :D

Essential rating from Eurogamer on the Xbox version.

The basic structure that console players crave is also largely absent in this port, with not much by way of a traditional game beyond the Flight School or Landing Challenges with their global leaderboards.

Awwww, they should have made Bush Flights more obvious in the menu. In my opinion that’s the main “game” part of the game, but it is a bit buried in the menu.

Lost my TBM again, this time insured thankfully, given I took out a very expensive loan to rebuy it. Did not expect anti air missiles.

Not sure if this is a reference to SimConnect working for Xbox or just talking about mods, but I hope it’s the former.

God that would be awesome if so. Simconnect would allow a whole ton of gameplay added on.