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Extended unofficial Twin Otter video:

So, this happened:

I’m mostly very happy with it, subject to the typical caveats about (hopefully only initial) yoke stickiness and lack of friction on the throttle levers, the latter doesn’t bother me at all. However I do seem to be getting some weird phantom signals. Every so often I’ll be flying along and the plane will just suddenly and briefly roll sharply to the right with no input. Also, usually right after take-off, I will sometimes get a sharp downward pitch for a while, which is sometimes enough to crash the plane and is making me leery of doing eg Neofly with the yoke. The latter might be a trim wheel issue but I usually check that it’s neutral before taking off. I’ve double checked that there aren’t any conflicting elevator inputs, so I’m at a loss to explain it unless there’s something wrong with the sensors.

Those, to me, would be sufficient reason to disassemble the thing, spray WD40 contact spray at the pots, reassemble, test the thing and then proceed to throw it in the trash.

Well, I’m still testing it out and haven’t ruled out some funkiness in either my controls setup or the sim itself, especially given my past experience with weird control issues (the whole “reset mouse input to default” thing after I think SU5 was maddening) . But, yeah, if I can’t resolve it soon I’m going to return it for a replacement.

Have you tried bringing up the sensitivity curves in the control settings and watching them while you experiment with the yoke? See if anything unexpected happens. Have you set any deadzones? Also do you have another sim on hand you can test with?

I did mess around with sensitivity and deadzones, didn’t seem to make a difference. Trying another sim is a good idea. Will have to reinstall DCS. Also, does the MSFS dev console have a way to display the readings of axes while flying?

Does it happen in the test part of the windows “set up usb game controllers” screen too? That’s one way to test directly outside of the game.

I have a honeycomb alpha that is acting up in a similar way. When I move the yoke in and out it sometimes suddenly goes full left. I’m waiting to hear from their customer support to RMA it.

Don’t know, haven’t looked yet. The roll thing happens without any deliberate input, and only like once in a half hour flight. The pitch I’ve only had happen when trying to climb, so it might be possible to manifest in the windows settings. The fact that it only ever seems to happen at takeoff makes me think it’s sim related though.

Could very will be sim related. I’ve been having sporadic controller issues since SU7. On the trim, when you start a flight, give the trim wheel a quick one-up and one-down adjustment, just to “zero” it.

The stickiness should cure itself after you use it a few times.

Yeah, I’ve had some controller issues too. I’ve had to disable the twist rudder in my stick (which I think is a stick issue) but the weirdest one was that if I left the stick untouched, the viewpoint would very gradually tilt upwards, so that eventually I’d be looking at the cockpit ceiling.

Rather incredibly, I fixed this by setting a sizeable deadzone on my xbox controller, which wasn’t even plugged in. Or rather, it was plugged into one of those usb hubs, but with the relevant switch turned off, so it wasn’t active.

So probably completely unhelpful, but Ginger could try unplugging other controllers (or setting a dead zone on them as a last resort).

Ginger, to what Pedro just said I had some controller issues early on and think it was conflicts either with my thrustmaster vs xbox controller (both plugged in) or that they shared the same powered USB controller and thus the same USB port. I swapped them to different ports (not on the same powered controller) and things have been well since. At least right up until the time I accidentally dropped my xbox controller behind the desk while moving things and didn’t notice. This lead to multiple games having strange control issues until I figured out it had fallen and wedged with one of the joystick against the wall and the body of the controller slid down a bit. Essentially it was always inputting a moved or non-zeroed control point.

I’ve been doing the Alaska bush trip and so far it’s my favorite bush trip. Mainly because the landmarks are huge and obvious. The XCub is a really nice place too once you get used to it.

After doing another leg tonight I decided to take the XCub out for some landing practice. I randomly decided to check out Midway Island. I like to use live weather just for kicks so I try to pick places in daylight during my night, and I’ve flown around Hawaii and Japan quite a bit now. Figured I’d do a tour of WWII island hopping between the two and Midway is the obvious first stop.

It’s tiny. I mean I’ve read the history and seen maps and the classic movie, but flying around it really demonstrates what a speck it is.

After sightseeing for a bit I went to land. Trying to land up with the runway I realized something was a bit off. Perhaps I should have realized it earlier when on take off the plane bounded into the air even before I rotated. I could not line up with the runway. I sort of could, with my nose pointing what felt like at least 10 degrees right. The skies were clear, but I realized I didn’t actually look at the weather. I tuned into the automated weather channel.

Wind 273 at 34.

Oh, so that’s the problem! I’m landing at runway 24. So the wind isn’t hugely off, but it’s huge!

I actually landed the thing. I ignored the direction of my nose and focused on when it looked like I was moving straight down the runway. There were some wild rudder movements after touchdown but somehow I managed not to overcorrect and go off the edge of the runway.

Isn’t the XCub one of the planes they post on reddit with videos of it achieving neutral sky position because of heavy headwinds?

I think it is. You did well to land in 34 knots of crosswind!

Sadly the same thing (the sudden roll anyway) happened in DCS World, so not sim related for that one. At this point I’m out of ideas (it’s definitely not another controller conflicting, not least because my USB hub died a few days ago so everything but my mouse and keyboard is unplugged). I’m going to raise a ticket and see what they say.

Bummer, @Ginger_Yellow. Hope you can get it sorted out.

@Thrag, if you’re gonna do Midway, go all Final Countdown on it and travel back to the heyday,

I gotta say that looks cool as hell!

The Final Countdown and Top Gun are only six years apart, but they look decades apart.

Does anyone have any wow-inducing landscapes they want to recommend? I was just over the Torres del Paine in southern Argentina and it’s a just jaw-dropping area of mountains and glacial lakes.

@Pedro did some nice flights over some areas and might have a few recommendations, even near where you were if I recall.

The Alaska Bush Trip over the Aleutians is quite wonderful. Plus most of the navigation landmarks are really obvious.