Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

The latest development update has the results of the Screenshot contest whose theme was National Parks. The winner, and the runners up all seem beautiful to me, except the one for Yosemite, I don’t think the game does cliffs well, so Yosemite looks weird.

(The Winner is at the top, the runners up are at the bottom of the page below the update stuff).

That screenshot is pretty much exactly where I just was I think :)

Yeah it sounded like it. :)

Try a few of these (heavily Andes-based):


Big fan of SASA - try these at dawn with the sun just bursting into the valley:




(that’s three flights out of the same place, but the landscape is very different or there is something very cool to see on each)




I haven’t had a chance to explore central asia too much yet, but:



The old reliable Alps:


It’s going to be a bit samey if you’re already in the Andes, but the Patagonia bush trip is spectacular.

They’re not as spectacular, but if you like beautiful rolling hills and verdant but not overly regimented farmland, I find Italy and Japan really good to just fly around in, and it helps that there’s a lot of good photogrammetry in both countries.

Southern South America really is amazing. You can look in 8 different directions where you are and see 8 amazing views that are quite different from one another.

By the way I tried my first Discovery tour, which puts you next to Mt Everest.

That was beautiful! As long as I didn’t look at the mountain from the other side, it all looked so wonderful.

Is there an objective to the Discovery tour btw? Am I supposed to look at Everest at a specific distance or press X next to it? Am I supposed to land at an airport nearby afterward? There was a green arrow/indicator on my compass that I’ve never seen before, so I was wondering if I’m supposed to follow that as part of the Discovery objective or something.

I haven’t done any. I do intend to do more structured things but right now my indestructible, infinite fuel F18 is giving me all the joy I need :)

Need to work out how to take proper screenshots though.

@Pedro - thanks, will do!

For those who want a more WW2-authentic Mustang than the ones in the Reno pack, Aeroplane Heaven just released its P-51D and it’s a beauty!

Uh, some of those airfields I picked (the first one anyway) might not be suitable for an F18 :) Just choose somewhere close by!

I’ve no idea how to land or take off in that thing anyway :) One day!

As far as I’m aware it just puts you in the air near the place you’re supposed to “discover”. Sort of a quickplay option for some sightseeing.

I wanted to explore Melbourne since I’ve been watching the Australian Open. Man, what a beautiful city. That was a fun time.

Pretty densely populated, like a concentrated suburbia, but also with lots of green spaces.

Decided to do a little night flight around NYC. Rather than fly out of the big three airports I figured I’d utilize the seaplane port next to LGA and give the Icon A5 a whirl. What a lovely plane for sightseeing. Slow, nice visibility, and very easy to fly.

Flew down the the east river.

Realized my graphics settings weren’t as high as they should be.

A very blade runner rendering of the bridges.

Now on ultra settings.

Passing the southern tip of Manhattan, lady liberty comes into view.

Circling back toward the city.

I line up with 11th ave.

I fly up the Hudson a bit and back down before crossing over the west side into central park. I circle low inside the park for a bit considering if the Icon can land in Central Park Lake before thinking better of the idea. Totally going to try in daylight though.

I land back at LGA

Twin Otter is out!

F yes!!!

Purchased and currently installing.

This thing eh? It says they make ideal bush planes.

The Twin Otter is fantastic. Unlike the Kodiak, it deserves the hype!

I haven’t got much time in the Twin Otter yet but I really like what I’ve seen of it so far. Short field performance is godly.

My one issue with it is the transitions - or lack thereof - between different engine sounds. It’s pretty glaring and I’m surprised they didn’t fix it prior to release. They are working on it though.

This is probably the first negative comment I’ve seen about the Kodiak! I don’t have it myself but everyone I know who does absolutely raves about it. What don’t you like?

The flight model lacks the stability you’d expect from the Kodak, given its high-wing design and the videos I’ve watched of it in action. The roll feels weird, and hand-flying it just requires too much correction.

The “fix” list of this “Definitely Wrong” mod is a good rundown! WIth this mod in place, it better fits what I’ve seen in the Missionary Pilot videos, and what I was expecting to encounter.

The title is just a preemptive sarcastic response to the comment trolls. :) I initially assumed it was going to add unrealistic performance or something, but it aims to bring the handling more in line with the real thing.