Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2



Looks really good. Was multiplayer shown? Or are the battles just larger in scale to the first?
Environments also look more impressive.


While they are definitely cheating to push through the video, this looks really good. They have taken the Nemesis system (arguably the thing that made Shadow of Mordor unique) and totally ran with it. While the original lost its luster for me quickly due to repetition, I think this one with its strategic layers and meta battle elements will make it something to behold. I’m on the hype train now.


Yeah, agreed. I’m only a bit past the 5 min mark but I’m really digging what they are showing. And the combat looks more fun this time around, though I can’t put my finger on why. A little less QTE like, maybe.

EDIT and then 2 minutes later the video blows me away with even friendships forming with the Nemesis system, and LOOT!




Loot?!?!?!?! DAY ONE.


I saw new chest armor loots, anyone know if there are hats? :p


I’m excited because the video shows Osgiliath as one of the areas to control, so you’ll be in territories outside of Mordor in this game.


This looks super badass! And it’s really weird because I’ve been meaning to replay Shadow of Mordor again for a long time and just reinstalled it again the other day. And now this. Yay! :D


Not hyped about loot. Pretty interested in new Nemesis system.


Yeah. Qt3 posters sometimes try and get too cute and clever with thread titles. This one is… Impractical.

That said, I managed to miss the first game, but heard so many good things about it here and from my son that I’m in for the second one. And loot is icing on the cake. I’m crap at Batman type combat though. I expect lots of baddies to get promoted next to my corpse… :/


Y’know you can edit the topic title. It’s not that big a deal.


I didn’t catch that, but it’s a great point.

Also, I damned near made a new thread before I linked the video, but since my search for “middle-earth” brought this up as the second search result, I figured it was fine.



Delayed to October.



I’m completely fine with that.


I realize this is a bit lame as far as giveaways go but I just got an email from Bundle Stars for 30% off this game. If anyone is considering buying and wants to get a discount, shoot me a note.


This is horrible news, October / November are already overcrowded. :(


But…you, Mr. Kosc, buy Alllll the games. :)


Not in 2017 @Chaplin , I have imposed upon myself a limited budget of only 1 full priced game per month and whatever comes in the humble monthly bundle. Now for Summer/Winter sales, there is some leeway. ;)

I am putting a most serious effort to reduce the backlog this year!


Sadly you can’t transfer the discount code