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The Secret World | Myths, Legends and Conspiracies

Hopefully a more traditional thread as we head into launch week & beyond. Speaking of, I couldn’t help but notice a large amount of people trying it for the first time this weekend. Thought our long time closed beta’s could give some tips to help.


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Tips that helped me:

  1. Turn off General Chat asap
    Part of the charm of TSO is the Investigations and mysteries actually require research and thought. General chat is overflowing with WoW kiddies who just want the answer, and you’ll get spoiled, fast. Don’t worry, you’ll still be subscribed to Player Help, which seems more mature.

You can do this by going to your chat window > channel subscriptions > general (uncheck)

  1. Get two weapons ASAP
    The game is designed around using weapon synergies (think MTG colors, blue + black, etc). If you are only using a shotgun, you are gimping yourself. Experiment in using different stuff, and don’t worry about having to switch weapons out. It will automatically be used with the Active skill in combat.

Pharaoh, I would change the links to forums.thesecretworld.com/ in case the other stops working at some point.

I have a lifetime sub on TSW, so won’t be in any hurry to rush through the game. I will also continue to play Tera. I haven’t played the beta extensively, but I’m happy to try and answer basic questions about the game.

One of the first quests that you do will give you the choice of a second weapon (or an upgrade to your first i think), so when you are in the training area and can check all the weapon types out, have a second one in mind so you know what you want to pick when that choice is presented to you. Also, there are vendors in that same area that sell basic versions of all the weapon types.

Keep in mind that you can’t make a mistake that will screw your character up. If you start out with a weapon and decide you don’t like it, simply start working on another. The skill system is pretty daunting at first, but at the start, building out the skills in the inner ring for the weapons you are using will give you a basic build. After that, you can start experimenting and getting fancy.

Ah thanks, I didn’t realize they were pointing to Dark Strig.

I’m not Harkonis btw, but I take that as a compliment after I made him into the gamer he is today.

blinks I’d swear Hark made the original post…sorry bout that.

Not a problem, looking forward to playing with you and Hark (hopefully Kato), Trigg, Mort, etc.

I don’t think there is much of a Wanderer interest in TSW sadly.

Hmmm I didn’t realize they were offering that… how much are they asking? If it’s reasonable I’m a sucker for lifetime subscriptions.

Their website is currently all sorts of jacked up for me. When exactly is the launch date for this, is it out now?

Yeah, looks like the age verification has some issues. I was going to look into a lifetime sub but I can’t access anything on the site.

July 3rd is launch date

Beta Weekend 4 starts at noon today.

Early head start is next week.


So I’m extremely burned out on traditional MMOs but would like a RPG I can sink some time into until GW2 releases (whenever that might be). Is this MMO a good fit for someone who is going to puke if he sees another WoW clone?

EDIT: Pharaoh, do you have to purchase to get into this weekend or is it open?

Kevin, I honestly don’t know for sure. I know if you register, you can get in right now, but I don’t know if registering requires any sort of CC info.

I’ll look into it.

Question: Does anyone know if there’s a retail key you have to enter to get the 30 days free access? I ask because of this response from Funcom:

Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Support.
The code you get from Amazon for early access is the same as the one you
get with the physical copy. You will be able to use it to get into the
game early and you won’t need to do anything with the code on the
physical copy. Please contact us with any other questions or issues and
I hope you have a nice day.

That seems to imply that pre-order keys = retail keys, but you can cancel your pre-order at Amazon and not get billed (which I did).

I actually pre-ordered from two places, Amazon and GamerKeys, and both keys register as “Normal” account types with all the pre-order bonuses applied.

Maybe the retailers contact Funcom before charging to void all the keys that were cancelled?

The final beta weekend should be open for all, no payment required.

I think this was said somewhere else, but follow the quest chains. Don’t feel the need to grab every quest you see, grab the quest you are interested in and follow it to the end. There are more than enough quests to handle leveling, so instead experience it as a narrative flow.

I also have a lifetime sub to this. It seems different and interesting enough from the other MMOs to keep my interest piqued.

I have other things to do this weekend, so I’ll drop these here:

The battle begins! On June 22nd at 6pm CET (9am PDT) the massive and final Beta Weekend for The Secret World kicks off, offering a preview of the epic conflict between the three secret societies: the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templars, and YOU and a buddy are invited to join the fight!

Please find below two keys. One for you and one for a friend so that you may fight side by side with the Illuminati this coming Weekend! Please go to http://register.thesecretworld.com and use the following keys to create your accounts:



Pretty good tip page from Ten Ton Hammer.

20 Tips to Secret World beta.

Thanks, I used to the H27PP8XJXEVVYNPMAVZ8 key.

Thanks for this thread, Phar.

At the risk of kicking off more silliness: if there are servers for this beta weekend only, which servers are some/most of you all playing on ?