Monster Hunter World!!!!!

I don’t know if you play multiplayer, but that’s the optimal point to start doing so. ;)

In my experience, while fights tend to be more difficult and take more time than in base MHW, with the proper equipment the difference is not that big for most monsters. I rarely had hunts taking over 20 minutes even by endgame, roughly speaking. Of course, that isn’t necessarily true facing tempered monsters or some elder dragons, but in average it should be around that.

Well I’m nowhere near endgame. I almost never play solo. It’s getting very tough to fill out our group with random players, though. Most times the SOS flare goes unanswered.

The things I do for survivability:

  • divine blessing
  • stun resist: you can’t heal if you’re stunned
  • status resist: iceborne monsters love to inflict status
  • elemental resist: I basically ignored element in base MHW and looked for cool armor skills. I made element and status specific defense builds for my weapons in iceborne and aimed to hit the +20 defense in the element (to also get the free blight resist)

I also finally learned the superman dive (although still 50/50 at actually doing it on purpose in time). I carry nullberries, mega pots, max pots and lifepowder in my default build, and also have an ancient pot and astera jerky for my elder dragon builds. I started using traps more often when they had the tougher non-elders so I’ll have one of each of those. I used a lot of poison weapons a lot - they say that poison is percentage rather than a flat damage so scales great with monster health pools.

The endgame power creep is real though - getting health augments makes things quite a bit different. I’m pretty sure I’m garbage at Alatreon because of all the bad habits having endgame gear brought me.

Yeah, also it sucks how annoying the clutch claw is to use for the two weapons I mainly stick to (bow and lance). Might be time to seriously switch to SnS.

you may not find SOS help on relatively low level monsters like Urragan. Plenty of people playing, but most of the playerbase who plays a lot is at the guiding lands / endgame now

cltch claw is fun on lance! at least in early iceborne! doing the guard claw is pretty easy, it can get you screwed against multi hit moves but, its pretty fun imo

Some gameplay for the upcoming Switch title

Someone has already modded in the wirebug to MHW

I’m in love with guard claw for lance, and lance was one of my favorite weapons before iceborne! But yeah, practicing the clutch claw is really valuable - you can get 1-2 “free” knockdowns every time the monster isn’t enraged so practicing grabbing monster heads and aiming at walls is huge (I like to have temporal mantle just to be able to get better chances for this). My ideal opener is two clutch claw “wall bangs” and then the first mount when the monster is enraged, for three openings in the first couple minutes. Lance is great for this since you can get that first mount without needing anything on the map, although the downside is that lance doesn’t really have any big combos once you actually get an opening.

Trickier but also infinitely more hilarious is using the clutch claw to send one monster into another one to knock both of them down. Somehow that is infinitely more hilarious to see two monsters flailing around.

The controls for the Lance clutch claw when shielded are just kind of clunky, and you can’t rely on getting an opening for the clutch counter. I basically ended up giving up on the lance at the point in the endgame where clutch claw went from a nice to have to mandatory.

Yeah, I feel the clutch claw/slinger controls in general are super clunky but I usually just sheathe to do clutch claw things. I also tend to save temporal mantle for it anyways, so I’ll put the weapon away, go grab slinger ammo, put on the mantle then run around for 30 seconds chasing the monster head (or at least something close to the head)/getting it near a wall. Sometimes I’ll be smart about it and tenderize a part or two but if I get a head opening that looks like it can drive into a wall I’ll go for it since my monster head pointing skills are still kinda 50/50.

Yeah, in some weapons using the claw is really cumbersome. But in some cases they extend and enhance the weapon in a fantastic way (i.e., Hammer). Lance (despite the amazing clutch counter) and Bow got the short end of the stick though, I feel.

My two weapons! I’ve recently switched to a wide-range/mushroomancer LBG build to support my brothers who are not as good at the game, though. Maybe I ought to investigate hammer more. I dabbled in it a bit in base.

So way back I put in 50 hours into the main game. On a whim and a sale I decided to buy Iceborne. Loaded the game up again today and … holy crap I forgot how clunky the controls are. I’m finding it really hard to figure out a flow again.

What are you finding “clunky” about the controls? The game is fairly complex and some weapons have very different movesets but the last thing I’d describe monster hunter as is “clunky”. Iceborne is generally harder than the main game and HR gear is much weaker than MR gear at first

Clunky is probably not the right word, but it’s been over a year since I last played. There’s a lot of stuff that’s not standard from a keyboard/mouse perspective, combined with the weird in game menu/equipment/inventory system, potion selection/consumption controls, combined with the complexity of my weapon that I’m no longer familiar with, etc…

I had things fairly well tuned but it’s been 2 years since I played this, and trying to jump right back in and figure out all the nuances again (even without going to the IB area) is not the smoothest.

ohh, yeah, the keyboard controls are meh haha. I mean, it is actually a port of a console game. I also found them relatively clunky, and I think the game makes much more intuitive sense with a controller

Also, note that for M+K users there’s a bunch of things related to the slinger controls that are straight up different as of Iceborne because of the addition of the clutch claw and the ability to pull out the slinger without sheathing. It’s especially weird if you’re using “shooter” controls for the bowguns - I think it’s only in the very latest release they put in an option so that you don’t have to hit reload to stab the monster when on a mount.

But in general I consider the control scheme a little unforgiving and opaque - it’s like a fighting game that punishes for button mashing. Gunlance is one of my secondary weapons but I still end up firing the gunlance instead of reloading 25% of the time because of course there are frames in the gunlance attack combo where reloading too early is “wrong”. And the jumping vs dodge rolling vs superman dive hahahaha I’ll often just take what I can get.

Maybe I’ll give controller a go. I was hoping I’d be able to jump in even after 2 years of not playing and not take too long to get back in the swing (no pun intended) of things, but it’s not proving to be that smooth.

My nostalgia tells me that the new player experience did a really good job at weaning me in originally but I don’t feel like spending that much time trying to get the groove again.

No need to go through the new player experience again, just go on some hunts for some easy monsters until you get back in the groove.

I’d highly recommend a controller for this game.

If you’re new you’ll unlock MR versions of all the HR monsters as you progress, and be able to create the MR versions of their gear (which is mostly straight up better versions with better stats and slots, although sometimes they changed up the skills) so it’s worth just going on expeditions/optional quests and whacking a couple Jagras just to get (significantly) better damage output weapons. Also, if you’ve been out for a couple years there are HR event quests that drop materials for custom gear as well (e.g. the USJ events) if you need something for a sense progression. You might have missed some of the optional gear (e.g. did you grab rocksteady and temporal mantle? Although even HR Lunastra is no joke). Whacking HR monsters with MR weapons/armour is pretty forgiving (although maybe stay away from arch-tempered monsters/Behemoth/Leshen till you get more comfortable).