Monster Hunter World!!!!!


It seems like that as along as you don’t die, you just get through those stupid quests. You don’t have to fight Nergi at all. It is kind of fun to get a shiny though if you can. That happened a couple of times on PS4 when I joined others for these.


Me and a friend did a lot of pubs this weekend and we were both very surprised at how smooth it went. We were running tempered elders exclusively and I think we only had two fails total, and even that was on a 0 allowed carts Kushala. It was a very pleasant surprise, especially when I think back to how poor some people in Souls games played in coop.

And the best part is that it’s so efficient to run this stuff in groups - sure I can kill solo Nergi in 5 minutes, but I can’t really repeat that performance with other elders, and we were getting pretty good times overall - 6 min on Kushala, ~7 on Teostra, 4-5 on Nergi. Plus you get the satisfaction of sharing good investigations (4 rewards and up) with the community.


So do we talk about MHGU here too? Or is there some other thread for that?


If there’s not a thread for it, I say make one! I’m enjoying MHW enough that I’m considering buying MHGU.



Wow I’ve been stomping through 6 star quests with no problem at HR 11 but wow, I just got my ass handed to me by attempting 5 star Kirin. I need to get some lightning gear and maybe switch from HH for him, because he moves to fast for me to reliably hit and buff myself. Also it seems like lightning comes out of nowhere to hit me.


Anyone still playing on the PC? I recently discovered the magic of shrooms and it has made my hunts a real breeze. I’ve also switched to hammer and am absolutely destroying all kinds of monsters with it. Amazing weapon.

Here’s the build if anyone’s curious - it’s pretty light on decos and quite durable -

Sharp and Grinder jewels are by no means necessary, they’re there because I was previously using this on a Long Sword build and simply haven’t found a suitable replacement. I also picked Deviljho hammer over Diablos because it looks better and because I like having white sharpness for longer. The shrooms I’m using are the following:

Nitroshroom - increases attack power, lasts until death
Parashroom - increases defense, lasts until death
Toadstool - increases health recovery, lasts 5 minutes
Devil’s Blight - reduces stamina depletion, lasts 4 minutes
Mandragora - increases health to maximum instantly and maximizes it (+50 if you didn’t get it with food)

Mandragora is the biggest draw here because it provides an instant and FULL heal for dirt cheap (consumables wise). As you can imagine this is particularly potent on a build that has 200hp. Anyway, I find this build super easy to play with, it always feels like you have a huge safety net so you can focus more on other aspects of the fight rather than worrying about health. It’s no slouch when it comes to damage either: - this was a tempered Azure Rathalos in Elder’s Recess and the timer includes buffing up with shrooms before the fight :).

edit: I replaced the 2x speed grinder with 2x Attack and Sharp jewel with Mighty Jewel (Maximum Might skill) for some extra dps, but I barely notice the difference, so like I said, feel free to use whatever.


You can just eat the mushrooms directly, or do you craft a consumable?


That’s the point of the build: you get the skill that lets you eat mushrooms directly rather than craft a potion and drink it.


Directly. It’s super cheap because you can grow infinite supply in your garden, and most grow in large batches.


Love the hammer. It’s the weapon I’ve used most, and I still tend to use it as my main when going after the hard stuff (tempered and arch-tempered elders). I too run with the Deviljho hammer over the Diablos. I like to run a handicraft set with the Deviljho and a crit/health set with the Nergigante hammer (which is a fantastic hammer, blue sharpness + no need for handicraft).

I haven’t messed around with mushroomancer much, but I do have a healer sword and shield set that makes use of it + wide range. Good stuff.


I haven’t played in a little bit, but I am going to. I haven’t given up playing on either the PS4 or the PC but Two Point Hospital kind of sucked me in. It’s a lot less intense playing and allows for interruptions…


I play on the PC


I’ve kind of hit a wall with Nergigante and the Elder Dragon trio on PC where I need to either git gud or farm up better gear… which includes a Switch Axe from Nergigante. I’ve been rolling with the exhaust axe but found out it’s useless against Elder Dragons which is a bummer. With the new patch for Final Fantasy 14 out this past Tuesday, MHW is going on the back burner for a while.


I would be playing it on the PC more if not for Dragon Quest XI. :)


Try the lance. With Guard 3 (charm is the best option for this) you can survive easily, especially if you have the health augment on your weapon. I still sometimes use lance vs tempered elders. It’s a really fun weapon even if you’re an offensive player, it caters to all playstyles.


I’ve been looking at the switch axes because I want to try them out but I can’t really decide which one to craft - I’m leaning towards Diablos because of its high raw but the huge negative affinity is a bummer because the one augment slot it gets is always reserved for health in my case. I’d also have to drop the sharp jewel to replace with elementless since the weapon only comes with 1 capacity slot. Unfortunately my main requirement is that the weapon fits into this build because I’m not ready to stop using Mandragoras just yet. On a side note, I’m starting to absolutely love Longsword, been destroying monsters left and right with the Slasher and foresight slash is the best thing since sliced bread, love that move. But I digress - Deviljho switchaxe seems like it would be a good fit because it would basically allow me to swap handicraft charm for evade extender charm (only 2 levels, but better than nothing) or just keep handicraft so I don’t have to sharpen as often. Thoughts?



The little elder guy likes to go around telling you what rank your weapon is in popularity.

I might be odd or maybe just not far enough along but I always switch between 2-3 SAs depending on what I am fighting. I never really… settle. Your build layout is interesting so thank you for that though!


You’re welcome! If you don’t have the Fungiform decoration, since it’s pretty rare, you can just use Comission Legs Beta in its place. You’ll have to drop 2 points in attack if you don’t have a replacement in form of Attack Jewels (after 300+ hours I only have 2 total, one from the story) but I think having a full and instant heal on demand is absolutely worth it. The other shroom buffs also add up. Fwiw, I did try full dps builds but I think my skill level would have to be vastly higher to be comfortable with them and actually make any difference in times I need to finish the mission. Which right now are around 4 minutes for solo tempered targets below elder tier, so it’s not like I’m complaining lol.

edit: Which SAs do you usually switch between? I’ve also had my eye on Teostra’s Castle because it has great design.