Monster Hunter World!!!!!


thanks for the heads up! definitely going to run through those cause that greatsword looks RAD


Well I guess I’m done with the game. Nergigante is just bullshit and sucked all the fun out of the game. Despite having 283 defense (all rarity 6 level 4 gear) his moveset is just cheap as shit. Every combo he does ends up taking half to 2 3rds of my life even with my hunting horn’s Defense (XL) buff on. His tells are too short a duration for the hunting horn as many times once he starts a tell I can’t cancel out of my attack before he executes it. He’s massive so even some moves take 3 dodges to get out of (meaning half the time I can’t evade in time). It’s just not fun, unlike every other challenging fight I’ve had up to this point.


Man, I still can’t solo him after beating him in a group and I’m at 360+ defense with a fairly synergistic charge blade build. I’d just do it multiplayer if I were you.


I was in your shoes a couple hundred hours ago. If you scroll further up you’ll probably find my rage fueled post somewhere.

But I’m here to tell you that it gets better. I’m currently running around with 500 defense and can pretty much facetank tempered monsters when I have Rocksteady mantle up, with only healing being provided by my weapon. But more importantly, once you play the game enough you’ll slowly start picking up on monster tells and I can’t even begin to explain how much easier the combat can get once you get good at the game, it’s night and day difference and feels incredibly satisfying. I went from needing ~25 mins for Great Jagras to dispatching tempered high rank monsters in 4 mins or less, but it was quite a journey to get to that point.


Sure but this wall I just hit is different. I didn’t mind fainting twice on the Pink Rathian because the next time I went after him I could feel myself instinctively getting better, and that made the 3rd attempt where I downed him feel fantastic.

Nergigante is different. I can see his tells but the window between his tell and his attack is crazy short while his attacks cover a super wide area. I feel like I’d need to get proficient at Lance or Great Sword (for the tackle) because the ability to stand your ground seems crucial.


Yes, Lance is a GREAT option - I recommend you craft a Guard charm (+3), at this point you don’t need Guard Up skill so you don’t have to bother with Uragaan armor. I used Lance for about 200 kills, which was enough to become very familiar with most monsters, and it really helped me get a foot in the door, so to speak. I still use it for those 1 cart allowed tempered elder missions, because it’s so safe that survival is pretty much guaranteed.


Yeah my only problem is anytime I venture out from Hunting Horn I get bored and want to go back to HH. I should give Lance a shot though.


Your play style sounds like mine. I don’t target for speed or max efficiency or anything like that. I don’t even know what the best SA is in the game, nor do I care. I just grab some friends or hop in a PUG and see how I do. If I think I have enough components for something or I see there is a new options, I go for that.

If I get stuck, I try again and upgrade gear more until I succeed.


One thing that was really helpful for me when I fought Nergigante back when the console versions had just come out was building Bazelgeuse’s armor to get level 5 Earplugs and Guts. Those two skills were a bit of a crutch for a while but they helped me get past a few brick walls until I got better at deciding when to attack and when to play defensive.


I just got to Nergigante and was able to drop him on my first try. That’s not a “oh look at how good I am” because I’m certainly not, it just goes to show what a difference the weapon you bring to the fight is. I was using a Gunlance and the shield made a huge difference. I’d just let him charge me, take the hit with the shield, then get underneath him and start jabbing or shelling. Rinse and repeat and carve.

Positive I would have hated the guy with a hunting horn, though. :)


Yes it does ; )

I’ve loved seeing the evolution of hunters in this thread. It warms my heart.

Nergigante: nearly all of the other elders are arguably more difficult than Nerg, but nothing compares to the first encounter with his brute force. Though he’s not the final boss, he’s the “flagship” monster of MHW. The armor and weapons you get from him are some of the best in the game. You’ll be fighting Nergigante quite a bit. Once you crack the code you’ll become so proficient he won’t even touch you.

All that said, it’s almost unfair of the game to throw him at you when it does. But this is THE gear check encounter. Make the best HH you can, and you’ll not only need good defense, but a decent set of armor with skills that compliment your weapon. I’m not a big believer in picking up a brand new weapon for just one encounter. You can kill this mofo with your HH, it’s just going to take some practice, and a lot of sheathing.

Don’t rely on evades. If you see him up in the air, sheath and run. That bodyslam he does is instakill but it’s incredibly easy to get away from once you get the feel for it. Use buffs (demondrug + armorskin at a min) and take your time. Landing a few hits here and there and then running is a totally viable strat.

EDIT: oh and here’s a super secret tip (not really, lol) but craft the Radobaan palico weapon (Baan Ball). It’s a sleep weapon. It’s good for at least one sleep per encounter (sometimes two!). Having that extra opportunity to lay on some serious bonus damage (first attack on a sleeping target does increased damage) is HUGE.


Lol came across this Nergigante HH kill video and it made me super confused. Like I get he’s crazy high HR and armor but Nergigante barely moved where he was all over the place for me. Even accounting for the exhaustion he was inflicting the fight still started off tamer than any of my attempts.


Cheap Enough gift, $19.99, with their free rewards thing.


I don’t understand the rewards. I see it at $29.99.


I got the “rewards” by creating an account. I didn’t have to do anything else - I literally just created an account (as opposed to just looking at the page not logged in).

I didn’t get it either, but I just bought Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for $29.99, so it seemed to work.


Yeah you have to be signed into the Best By Reward account or get one if you do, then you’ll see a little icon that shows the better price.


Still active.


It’s $15 at Target ATM:


I got this for free with my video card, so I’m playing around with it. Volumetric Fog and maximum SSAO seem to be the major drag on framerates. Everything else plays well on my 1070ti.

I have no idea what weapon to use. I don’t mind starting with a sword and shield if blocking is fun in some way.


Sword and shield is a good starting point for new players. Once you start getting a grip on the mechanics, you’ll want to try them ALL! :)


And you should. They make it really easy to give everything a swing!