MS Surface


Nice indeed



I’m looking at the Surface Pro 6 as a laptop/tablet replacement (per discussion 6 months ago). I’d also like to be able to play Dominions 5 on it (and probably Endless Space 2).

Anyone tried either on a Surface Pro?

I’m probably holding out for Black Friday deals, so I have a bit of time. I’ll probably also go into an MS Store and see what they have.

Also, I’ll be installing my own copy of Windows 10 Pro on it (work discount) - anyone know of any issues doing a clean install on a Surface Pro?


MS Surface versus iPad Pro?

I am looking to de-Apple myself. I do a lot on windows on my PC, and have been doing more and more projects with Adobe Creative Cloud products as well as MS Office stuff (obviously). Can a Surface do for me what the iPad can and allow me to work on projects seemlessly in conjunction with my PC?

Also, what about 4G (and soon 5G).

Help and advise the Ignorant (me), Qt3 gurus!


I’m finding the Surface Go under powered. The form factor is nice BUT I cannot fully get into the workflow because:

In Windows 10

  1. The control schemes for most apps screams for a mouse. Most UIs have far too small buttons and icons.
  2. The reliance on Right-Clicks is a very disruptive to the usage experience because the touch-and-hold to simulate a right click just plain sucks. I wish they will register 2 fingers or 3 as a right click.

The screen size of the Surface Go makes it very portable BUT a lot of the desktop app really require larger screens.

Right now, my Surface Go is used mainly as a reader and research library. I tried mobile gaming on it, but the lack of a right click really detract from the gaming experience. With an underpowered CPU, it is a subpar experience.

I’m thinking of a Surface Pro but the right click problem will still remain.


I picked up the costco surface pro bundle over black friday - $799 for the core i5/128GB SSD with type cover and pen (added 256GB microsdxc). It’s pretty nice so far, but there are definitely some quirks to it as a tablet which I’m still adjusting to (coming from Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition).


Costco has the Surface Pro 6 i5/8GB/128GB with (non-alcantara) type cover and pen for $799, and I have to say I’m really tempted. This is the base model, but it’s a helluva step up from the previous version base models. The i5 is quad-core and fanless.

Plus, Cotsco gives you a two-year warranty!

Really mulling it over. Been stuck inside for days due to th is snow, so it’s driving me crazy. Especially as the nearest Costco is like a 3-minute drive away.

@pyperkub, how do you like your SP6?


I’m mostly using it for OneNote as a LectureNotes replacement, and surfing. Some light business apps.

Battery life is great, pen is really good (though just about every case on amazon which is compatible, isn’t with the pen - the pen is apparently larger than the surface pro 4, which most of them were designed for, and while the typecover is fine for basic screen protection, I’m just glad I haven’t dropped it).

I’ve played some MTG: Arena on it, but not much else gaming-wise.

All in all, it’s been just what I wanted. there are a few niggles here and there with Windows and pen/tablet computing, but overall, it’s been great at everything I’ve asked of it. The other thing about the Costco one is that windows won’t let you install apps to the sd card as removeable storage, but if you have an external HD you can attach, you can apparently install to that, and copy the files to the sd card, remove the external and change the drive assignment. Haven’t tried that yet however.