Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


I am sure that at some point in my teen life either myself or one of my friends probably responded to someone trying to boss us about with a Heil Hitler salute just to be snarky. Nowadays someone might film it with their phone and post it, and we’d be Nazis!


We even got the black kid to do it does not equate to stupidity. It equates to malice. There were more than a few kids in on this.


Oh, I had not read that part. Ok - yeah, that is just vile.

And apparently at least one of the parents also cried out for them to stop, without anyone listening. One may excuse it with the stupidity of youth, but it’s undoubtedly malicious stupidity.


When I was a kid I had a teacher that was overly strict about everything. She called me out in class because I was quietly discussing something with someone next to me and she said, “Raise your hand if you have something to discuss,” and I threw out a Nazi salute. It got a lot of laughs and to her credit I got a, “Very funny, never do that again.”

Kids are dumb sometimes. That said if someone wanted to take a group photo of us all doing it, especially the way things are currently, I don’t think I’d be doing it. Then again peer pressure at that age is a hell of a thing, so maybe I would have just not to be singled out because teenagers are stupid.

That an adult directed them is the bigger issue really. And him lamenting it’s going to follow him forever is great. Because he did know better. He has no excuses. He’s not a stupid teenager who thinks what other people think of him is the most important thing in the world. Fuck him for doing it and potentially screwing all these kids over with his bullshit.


That simply is not how waving works. At no point during a wave will your hand be in that position. And more importantly, they’re clearly keeping a fixed pose rather than moving their arms. It’s a ridiculous story.


See, the thing is, in Nazi Germany, most Germans probably convinced themselves that the really terrible stuff just wasn’t happening. It became normalized, slowly over years, such that it could be ignored by normal people.

Only a portion of Germans were malicious monsters who orchestrated the murder of millions.

But those who played along while it was normalized… Those who went along with all of those small steps down that road… They are just as responsible.

You have a responsibility to say no, when people are doing that kind of thing in your presence. And people should know that they will be judged if they fall to do so.


Well, if the shutter speed was fast enough, there might not be any motion blur, but yes, I don’t think ‘sieg heil’ is in the normal arc of a typical wave. Also you’d think the hand positions wouldn’t be quite so nicely aligned if everyone was just waving.


Right. That’s what I was referring to rather than the lack of motion blur.


Oh absolutely. You pull crap like this, you deserve every bit of the shaming coming your way.

Though I remain astounded that the photographer thought this would be OK - or that more of the parents - many of whom were undoubtedly snapping the same pictures on their mobiles (at least, that’s what I’d expect would be happening if this was over here) didn’t react strongly enough to this to stop it.

Well, astounded may be the wrong word. Saddened, more likely.


Yeah, I didn’t buy it when Ingraham did it, I don’t buy it now.


There is a certain kind of ‘waving to your fans’ that can get closer to it, but it’s not something people in a prom photo would be doing.



I’m sure a perfectly valid explanation is all of them just straightened their elbows to copy Hillary and then said they got the black kid to do it just… because. OR the better explanation is to have people stop excusing their behavior, the behavior of their parents and admit that there are more than a couple bad apples in that group and treat them accordingly. Let’s not forget the one kid who did not even feel comfortable to raise his hand, at all.


I’m not excusing anything, just speculating on the possible cases where a person might accidentally appear to ‘sieg heil.’ I mean, who doesn’t like speculating on the possible cases where a person might accidentally appear to ‘sieg heil’?

…maybe it’s just me.


Well HIllary’s doesn’t even look like asolute. It’s not even in the right direction. You might be able to suggest accident if one person did but it’s an entire group of them plus the context of what was said during and after solidifies this is not some misunderstanding or accident. There is a kid standing stiffly right next to his peers who knows exactly what is going on, and he told us all about when it came up. A parent objected during the process, and then a few of them bragged latter. Most people do not wave like that, even if they do the flap hand wave.


If you must know, I went off on the Hillary tangent because Shiva mentioned that Laura Ingraham shot and it occurred to me that she might actually just be doing the ‘wave to fans’ thing. Theoretically. Possibly. As I noted, the argument breaks down when you have a bunch of people all doing it at the same time and in the same direction for a prom photo.


Herr Ingraham started with a Nazi salute, then changed it into a wave…she was totally trolling like the smug moron she is.


Please, Fraulein Ingraham.


That’s no lady.


I actually had a tiny TV crush on her when she had her MSNBC show back in '99 or so.

Yeah, I’m over it.


She’s a space station!