Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


My first experience with her was actually reading Al Franklin’s book, Rush Limbaugh is a big Fat Idiot. So, I never even new who she was until I moved to the US for school.

The book was a hand me down from my older brothers.


That’s my wife?


I would ask you to look again at the photo more closely and there are clearly kids just waving in there.

I recently had professional wedding photos done, and they just bark poses at you, and you do them, and adjust, twist, smile, look up down, etc because you are paying them for the time, and they want to get as many shots in as they can.

This is a poorly posed photo, where some kids caught on that what they were doing looked like a salute and they played into it.

Also, in terms of that circle thing, I think it is probably 50/50 doing a rude gesture for the lulz or doing the circle game gesture (a game in which I played in high school, where you form a circle with your hand below your waist, and if you can get your friends to look at it, you get to punch them.)

I mean of course this could be some secret Nazi cabal of youths laughingly throwing up the sieg heil in the decidedly liberal Sauk County school district, but of all of the possibilities I think that is probably on the low end of plausible.


Have you fully made your transition to a pretzel yet or are you still in the process of contorting yourself into the last few knots?


Look man, there are real Nazis to panic about rather than what a bunch of stupid kids did in a rich suburb. It was an idiotic photo, not a Hitler rally.


Clarification: Baraboo isn’t a rich suburb. It’s a small town not especially near any city, and the median household income is $48,000.

What do you think Hitler rallies were like, anyway? For a lot of the young people who went to them, it was just another social event. They just went with along with what the cool kids and the authorities wanted them to do to have a good time and fit in. Which is how authoritarian ideas become ingrained.

I know this because my high school German teacher was a member of the Bund Deutscher Madel, the female version of Hitler Youth; she said they viewed it at the time as like joining the Girl Scouts.

Because Germany lost the war, she ended up as a war bride who emigrated to America (and, as it turned out, became a socialist.) But she made it very clear to us that if not for the war she probably would have been an ardent Nazi, because, she warned us, young people will swallow anything to fit into the group unless they make an effort to think for themselves.

When I saw that picture I immediately thought of her.


Just in case it didn’t come across, my comment was lighthearted and not intended to be mean. It was meant to be some light teasing. :)

I do think Occam’s Razor applies here. I mean, sure, they could have been caught in some awkward mid-pose wave or something, but those aren’t the photos that get published/used. And sure, maybe they’re doing some game where they’re trying to get their friends to look so they can punch them during a photo shoot at a time when literally everyone is looking at the camera, not at them. And while playing that game it just coincidentally happens to be the white power sign they make. While they’re accidentally doing a sieg heil.

Alternatively, they’re punk kids throwing a white power sign and a Nazi salute.


I didn’t really even know there was a white power sign. It’s the OK sign you make with finger and thumb? I have used that at times to mean “OK.” I guess I can’t use it anymore. Damn Nazis.


I think it is important to look at the county’s income rather than the City’s income, because in these lower population counties a lot of the kids in a school end up living in larger homes outside of the city limits, either way it is on the low side of the median for the state, and the county itself is smack dab in the median, but that is skewed by the 2 larger cities with much higher incomes.

What I am saying is maybe not “rich” but clueless white kids.

Obviously what they did was stupid, and definitely is offensive but I think some of the reactions (which have largely blown over for the next outrage bomb) were a bit over-the-top as Baraboo is a fairly liberal area that is super white, and the people I personally know that live there are in the “rich kid” category.

This is all part of how youth humor has moved in the last few years. Kids are into shock humor now, pushing buttons (I think we all were to some degree as teens) and I think that mimmicking a Nazi salute is a bit far, definitely shocking, it is kind of the mindset these kids get into as what is acceptable and funny when they are in a ~95% white area, with nobody to say “that actually is pretty stupid and offensive”

None of these kids are Nazis, they are just idiots.


I’ll let you decide.





I mean, it can be a totally innocent gesture, which is the point. They can throw it out there then claim “Oh gosh, snowflake, it was just an okay sign! Look, here’s a picture of Obama making the gesture!”.


How long has it been a white power symbol? I know it wasn’t always like that.


I don’t know, seems to be a pretty recent thing. At least, I only noticed it since the Trump administration. Maybe it was going on for far longer, but just completely flew under my radar.

Personally, I don’t have problems using “OK”. Fuck those guys, they don’t get to take ownership of it. But I also think it’s fair to call out the white supremacists when they throw it out with a knowing smirk.


I hate Illinois Nazis.


Not that long. Some channers “made it up” or something but then all the actual racists adopted it and started using it to show their racism.
But then they laugh when people call it racist, cause they made it up. It’s a feedback loop of stupidity. And racism.


Know your meme!



See, there IS something the Left and Right can agree on in this country!



Maybe thumbs-up could become a white supremacist symbol. Then we can all be Nazis!




This happened yesterday:

But he was probably just fooling around, right?