Neo Nazis and the Alt Right



She couldn’t even make it to the snowing part.

After several hours of complaining about the cold, Loomer eventually requested to be removed from the door, and the handcuffs were severed with bolt cutters, according to the police. She was escorted from the door to a car, and was not placed under arrest.


Too funny.


Between this Laura Loomer dumbass story and Trump melting down, today has been a good day. Let’s hope the momentum continues into the weekend!




Somebody better key that shit


Thoughts and prayers go out to poor Milo.


How does a crazy neo nazi even get people to extend him that kind of money or services?


I think he was making a fair amount, once. Who could have guess they would’ve turned on him in a chicken peck situation as soon as a drop of blood showed.


I see this in Milo’s future:


Could YOU say no to that face?



At least with his lawyers, he personally guaranteed funds instead of isolating his liabilities behind the incorporated company he set up.

Which is both surprising and not at the same time.

Edit: adding source


Wait, so white supremacist is actually dumb?



Milo was a pet project of asshole billionaires for a while - Matthew Mellon (yes, those Mellons) and Robert Mercer. But Mellon died and Mercer lost interest when Milo became toxic and Mercer came under scrutiny. So now Milo actually has to (fail to) earn his own living instead of leeching off of others.


In fairness, Milo hacked it for a surprisingly long while, given that his only skill was simply being a gay Nazi.

I mean, life have him lemons, and he made some impressive gay-Nazi-ade.


This news makes me happy. I see his lackey, Allum Bokhari is owed 70 grand too. I remember warning him a long time ago (via some tenuous ex-Muslim links) all would end badly if he walked down the path he was heading down so this is a bit of smug Told Ya So as well.


Damn right you should be marginalized and ignored:


He’s going to learn the hard way that while it’s perfectly fine to be a racist in the Republican Party, they’re not quite ready yet to say it out loud.


Technically he put it in writing ;)