Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


I think we let this burn slide by without giving it the credit it is due.




Good verdict. Unfortunately he’ll get to hang out with a bunch of his nazi buddies while he rots in prison.



Seems like they have their American priorities well in hand.



Knock yourselves out


Sadly, they don’t intend to die alone.


If we can cluster them together, all the better! (sorry, just doubling down on the stupid)


Back to the Alt Right

Who could’ve guessed the hyenas would turn on their own after being taught facts don’t matter and anyone dissent is the enemy.


The anti-immigrant rhetoric just doesn’t play well with a lot of Mormons, even nutjobs like Bundy. A large number of them spent two years of their lives with people from the very countries the immigrants are coming from so trying to paint them all as terrible people and criminals just doesn’t fly.

I think Bundy is an idiot who should be in jail, but the fact he actually took some time to look into what Trump was saying before forming his opinion puts him above 95% of the other idiots, I guess.


The reason why it doesn’t is if you teach people to ignore facts and don’t listen to dissent then you are setting them up to turn on you, even if they agree with you most of the time. The other part of the time… well people like this supposed leader trained them to accept all or nothing and then, like anyone else that wants to have a reasonable conversation at any time in their life with people they might disagree with they seem surprised they can’t. This is what makes him the same idiot. It’s not his beliefs really so much as how they teach people to treat others with different beliefs, and in that way, the same idiot.


Good riddance. Hope it was worth it.


Let him rot for decades.


I’ll put this here because screw PDP.


I can only assume they mean another channel besides his own.


This forum needs a badum-ching! button.


But it’s just a misunderstanding, just a joke. Fuck him and all his enablers.



Ugh, the sick irony of this idiot. Previous generations of his own extended family were victims of the Nazis’ Endlösung.