Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Just so folks understand, that’s not a photoshopped picture of Miller.

That just a screen capture from his interview today.


Is that… spray on hair?


Only the best American spray on hair. None of that imported stuff.


I dunno if this guy counts as alt right. Might just be a douche.


He’s alt-right as near as I can tell from his feed.

At least he has a Spartan helmet as his avatar for his podcast. Who wants to tell him?

Edit: Yeah, he’s alt-right. He really, really doesn’t like women, gay people or Jews and I’m not even far in. He’s also apparently a Creationist.

ReEdit: He REALLY doesn’t seem to like Jews. Seems like a winner.


Roosh rhymes with douche. Just sayin’.


Yeah, he was a prominent gamergator, and general sexist troll. Didn’t know the antisemitism part though!


Roosh is a notorious MRA, PUA and misogynist to the point he was banned entry to the UK under extremism laws.


Absolutely disgusting:

Masks and Nooses? Where oh where have we seen that before?


Best not allow the Yanks to have a monopoly on Nazis

Oh, and any references you see about yellow jackets that isnt in France actually means this.


The economic anxiety must be getting really bad out there.

I couldn’t even read the article you linked, just the headline made me sick.


In Chicago.

Fucking hell. Thanks Trump supporters, racist shitheads.


American Nazis are now an export business


I think it’s a bit over the top to call those guys Nazis.


Hatemonger branded a hatemonger

“Mr. McInnes is essentially an untouchable, unable to retain or be considered for gainful employment in his line of work,” the lawsuit claims.

and lets hope we can add massive legal fees on top of this.


Freedom of speech != Freedom from consequences


To be clear, he isn’t claiming any 1st Amendment protections here (which would indeed be silly since the SPLC isn’t a branch of the government.

He’s claiming Defamation, and he has some precedent on his side: As the article notes, the SPLC has been sued on similar grounds and has settled out-of-court for millions of dollars in the past.


Hard to imagine this lawsuit will continue after McInnes’ lawyer explains the reality of the discovery process to him.


The murky and ill-advised world of white people at SPLC engaging in Uncle Tomming against a secular/apostate Muslim is a million miles away from McInnes and the Proud Boys.