NeoGAF Implodes


In the season 2 trailer, it is hinted that our heroes will face a killer in a submarine.


The official statement is terrible and the leaked explanation to the mods is so much worse.


It’s not even that interesting.


I have an honest question here. Imagine for a second that he’s telling the truth… what should he have said? Everyone said he should just apologize. I have to admit that were that the truth and it was me, I would not.

As someone who doesn’t know either of these people, this is literally he said/she said. There is nothing to either person’s story that we can verify… there is no fact to be researched, no logical conclusion, and no character witnesses as far as I can tell. But a lot of people have burned this guy now and I hear people on this thread who seem to assume he’s full of shit. I don’t get why. Can someone explain? Is there something I’m missing?


Assuming he held true to the values he claims to espouse on his site and that how he has described the incident to his mod team and the NeoGAF community is accurate, he should have said something along these lines…


Yes, that’s a much better response. I mean, it would be difficult to come up with a worse response without resorting to childish name-calling.


On the other hand, its quite easy to come up with the perfect response when you’re not connected to the situation. I doubt any of us could guarantee we’d write something so reasoned while dealing with half the internet accusing you of sexual assault.


Which is why he should’ve gotten a crisis management firm to help. Hell, that’s what I assumed was taking him so long to respond.


I’m available for mercenary wordsmithery. No job too dirty. Discretion guaranteed.


Crisis management? What is he, a hollywood bigshot? Just say “You don’t have the whole story, hope you don’t leave but if you do fare thee well, and keep all discussion in the dedicated thread” and that pretty much does it.


Yeah, even that is better than what he did put out there, but it wouldn’t have made any attempt to reach out to the progressive voices on his forum that I assume he would have wanted to keep.


Yeah, when you’re official statement is a collection of vague excuses that don’t adequately address any concerns, you’re just throwing gasoline on a fire. Especially when you first gave an interview to a news reporter and said the equivalent of “Bitches be crazy, amirite?”

As for the explanation given to the moderators. Hoo boy. No wonder they all skedaddled.


Yeah, I probably would have angled toward a little less character assassination in my apology were it me, but I guess I’m funny that way.


Not to mention that one of the ways they’re moving forward at NeoGAF is to nuke the off-topic category completely, so there’s no way to discuss the topic there any more (the remaining category is “Video Games” and I’m sure any off-topic threads are aggressively locked).


Looks like plenty of threads being created in the games side. Man I would not want to be one of those mods - I thought the signal to noise ratio was bad before …


Right? I mean, I just naturally assumed when I reread Gotham by Gaslight that _it _would be the most gaslighting I’d see this week.


My biggest problem w/ NeoGAF was always the S/N ratio. Too big, too much immaturity and prejudice permeating the board, as a result of being so enormous. I wouldn’t visit often, maybe 2-3 times a year? Definitely some good stuff and discussion could be had, but it wasn’t worth the noise and the work required to distill the good stuff.

Of course, my account was never approved to post, so uh, that may have been a factor in my opinion. :)


I rather imagine they might find room for you now, though…as I understand it a space or two has opened up.


Hey guys…

Remember back when GoneGold imploded, and QT3 took in all those boat refugees?

Please don’t make that mistake with GAF.


GoneGold was equivalent of a couple small boats of people coming. NeoGafs more like the Titanic.