New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


Damn, I missed the tag. Pass. @soondifferent


I just want to find out whether Gerald’s really dead after all his clones stabbed him for betraying the council of Geralds. pass @Tim_N @Jorn_Weines


@Tim_N: as I count it, you have a couple of cards that will end up discarded on your turn anyway if you don’t use them up now. Fancy chucking them in in support of the counter-offer? I’d regard it as fulfilling that favour from back on the very first deal.


It is Sweeps Week! Well, not the NBN sanctioned one. But it is @Lantz vs @rho21.

Support starts with @Tim_N.


I would be willing to offer the Asset in return for significant support leading to success.


@rho21 there’s a favour I’m forgetting? From memory the only offer I’ve gotten through you got alot of capital in return for your support?


Can someone please clarify the hand size rules? From memory you can only have 5 cards at the start of your turn, but that is before or after the two new cards are drawn? (so do I need to shrink to 3 or 5 card hand now to avoid discarding?)


When you are Active Player you must discard down to 5 cards at the end of your turn.


Thanks gamegod Jorn!


Also, before you start passing or playing cards @soondifferent has a Start of Phase Asset he must declare if he uses or not.


I’m giving time off to the Locust company so they can binge Odd Friends. Not using it this deal. @Tim_N


And as you draw 3 cards at the start of your turn and can only play one card on it (barring assets), 3 cards is the ideal hand size at the start of your turn.

Anyway, I thought there was a favour agreed in that first deal, but I’m now of the opinion that I was slightly overvaluing the negative effects I would suffer from having very few cards for ages. Perhaps that was just how it played out, perhaps I was misvaluing, I don’t have the experience of the game to know.

So let’s write that favour off whatever. Instead, I’ll offer you a favour of my own in exchange for your two otherwise wasted cards.


Before deciding I just want to confirm a couple of things.

@rho21 does a favour include guaranteeing 2 cards to support my main offer next round if I drop 2 here?

@Lantz the asset would be really nice, does 2 cards count as ‘significant support’ in your view?


That would be an acceptable request, if that’s what you want to use the favour on. You’d also be welcome to hold onto it until later. Whichever you chose, I’d guarantee not to make a counter-offer against you on your next turn.


So I don’t want to punish Lantz for not replying, especially as I have been AWOL for 24+ hours in the past, but I feel I should move now to keep the flow of the game going.

@rho21 agreed.

+2 cards to the @rho21 offer.



0 cards for me



Since @rho21 can’t contribute, I’m going to tag @Perky_Goth.


Seems there’s no reason to do anything… Pass. @soondifferent


@Lantz Which sector would you play the card on? Is your offer of the asset still good?


Seems to me that, barring the asset and any rivalry considerations, Lantz would rather lose this deal, so as to gain an extra capital from Saul this round.