New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


@soondifferent care to convince me that your counter offer is a better option?

I miss my unlimited cards :(


I think that an extra unit or two for an additional outage is a bad trade. I think we will have enough outages to deal with without more fuel for the fire.

In addition, if I win, I’ll give my Rachel Beckman - Bounty Hunter asset to whoever is most instrumental in helping me seal the deal. I’ll not forget any support shown here as well. @lantz


I will play my entire had of 5 cards for soon’s offer.



Can I verify something first about the asset card in contention at the moment. Is this is a one shot card or whenever any player has more capital than the winner of this round then they can lose a card every turn?

If the latter, that seems enormously powerful!


Triggers at the beginning of every turn, not just a one shot.


It depends who’s holding it, really. No one wants to be in a position to actually use this card.


Discarding 4 cards for @rho21’s main offer.

Sorry @soondifferent, but I can totally see you taking one of my cards every turn haha, and I don’t want to see such a huge asset going on the top of your large pile.


Yes, well, you’re free to give to me, then.
Actually, I don’t think the number of hand cards matters that much.


Seems clear who I am rival to…

Not sure I actually value the asset that much and I hate to butt heads with my comrades at Globalsec, but it would also be a shame to see NBN’s support go for naught. So I have a capital earmarked for Weyland if they pick arrests orders and do it by the book. @rowe33


@soondifferent I’d be interested in supporting you for your Sunny asset. Sadly Weyland has no assets and has been continually outmaneuvered in this realm.

@rho21 Any input from your side? Seems like the asset up for grabs is pretty powerful since it can be used every turn. I could slip a card in there to guarantee your win.


@rowe33 Sorry, I can’t afford to give up two assets in one turn. My offer of cold, hard capital remains though.


@rowe33: I’m not convinced you’d accept Melange’s offer of 1 capital to prevent an outage (which when removed will give you 2 capital anyway). Also, it’s 5-5 at the moment and you’re last to play, so you don’t even need to add a card for my offer to pass.

But I’ll make you the following considerations in exchange for doing nothing here: firstly, I’ll promise never to use my existing asset or this new one on you (except by mutual consent); second, I’ll owe you a favour for next time you need help winning a deal.

@Tim_N: much as your motivations were to defend against Melange gaining yet more power, you have my profuse thanks for sending so much support my way. I’ll see what I can do to make that thanks more tangible in the future. First up, though, would you like to make use of Mr Li to refresh your hand somewhat?


@rowe33 For what it’s worth, I can also offer the same assurance about unwanted visits from Lily Lockwell; I think it’s evident from my past behaviour that I’m not out to make enemies.


It all comes down to @rowe33. For what it’s worth, I would be appreciative if you were to do nothing, and will do you a turn when the time comes.

It appears that @Lantz likes to either have all of the cards or none of the cards at any given time. I am not sure what motivated him to do that, unless he thinks @rho21 is out to get him.

I certainly do think @soondifferent is out to get me based on his track record, I must be his rival, and I couldn’t simply do nothing as my card draws become +2 instead of +3 every turn and the player trying to thrawt any plan I have having 1-3 extra cards every time I offer something. @rho21 is also a player nice enough that I can trust won’t use the asset against me.


[Emperor Palpatine .gif]


The Weyland Board of Directors has decided to pass, accepting the promises of rho21 and Tim in exchange. @Jorn_Weines. Sorry soon and Lantz, I was personally outvoted during the meeting.


OK, it is a tie so @rho21’s Main Offer wins.

Where do you put the Outage Token, and what same-tier District do you also target?

Also, do you use your End of Turn Asset? Any other transfers of stuff?


As initially proposed (and given no suggestions to the contrary), outage in 10, target 9 so as to remove two Human First cells and one crime gang from the nice parts of town.

I will use Mr Li to target Jinteki, transferring a capital from my stock to cover his fees.

@Tim_N: take your choice of piles to draw from, with the compliments of GlobalSec.



Scorched Earth adds 1 Outage to District 10. Enemy units removed from Districts 9 and 10. +3 Capital to Globalsec.

Mr. Li is used on @Tim_N, @rho21 reimburses the Capital. Event resolved once the card types are selected.

However, that won’t change the Production Phase so I’ve gone through that in the sheet as well.

Production in D1, +1 TE, +1CR. HuFi presence makes Unrest increase by two. District now in Strike.
District 5 is in Outage, so no Production. As we found out, the District is still Exploited so the HuFi presence makes a new Outage token that moves to District 6.
Production in D8, +2 ET. District now has Protests.


Hey, sorry for chiming in late.

This involves a bit of rollback but since it doesn’t change anything that follows, hopefully it will be okay. I’d like to pass the Bounty Hunter over to @lantz before the deal completes if he would agree to send her back at the beginning of his turn. I know this is minute compensation for your efforts, but going forward we could perhaps split her services as needed.

@rho21 I hope you don’t see this as an attack on your interests given some possible tension between Globalsec and NBN. This is just fulfilling personal obligations, just as I understand you must fulfill yours towards Jinteki. I trust we can continue to work together for the good of the city and our own respective organizations (as we did with the high-risk investments.)

That was a tough deal and both choices were viable, no hard feelings all around.