New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


Indeed you can, but you can provide your reasoning now as well to dissuade Counter Offers ;)

@soondifferent for Counter Offer or Pass.


Where are you proposing to put the android token anyway? We need a lot of tech.

I also want to mention as a public service announcement to all other players that accepting this action will end up netting @Perky_Goth 7 capital not 5 due to his corporate ability to gain 2 everytime an android token is moved. It better be a very beneficial action for the group!


So are you proposing to move Quinde to ?


(uh, I’m going to give this a shot, please forgive shoddy gameplay to follow)

I have a more relevant action to take given our circumstances (@Jorn_Weines what are we are allowed to talk about? any card specifics or just generalities?), one I’m sure that everyone who’s not a federalist would prefer. However, I’m not opposed to moving some workers to meet the current demand, and I suppose I could be polite and wait my turn. You stand to gain a bounty of capital, Mme Haas, perhaps you could see fit to send 2 to the injured miners’ fund? I’ll stand aside and promise not to support any counteroffers.

edit: tagging @Perky_Goth to satisfy media’s obsession with tags.


everyone feel free to ignore me, but if you could tag player names when discussing them/talking to them it would help my poor caveman mind. Er, I mean, if you tag player names it will surely confuse me into losing the game.


Globalsec supports tagging too.

None of our androids are in helpful starting locations, so I’m in favour of trying to clear some illness and outage ASAP. Then we can hopefully move all of them at once to where they’ll do some good.


Excellent question that I hadn’t even thought to specify!
The rules state that Players cannot tell each other which cards they have in their hands.


Just to be clear, we can trade Asset Cards and Capital, but not Action Cards, right?


Yes. You can trade only Asset Cards and Capital. And Promises. Mmm, promises.


My action will add a new procedurally generated sector to New Angeles.


@rho21 both things are needed, but I can more easily move Droids.

@all I’d move from 2 to 8, but I’m open to suggestions. I honestly forgot about the bonus, it’s not good to start so self-centered, but they will need to be moved one way or the other.

@soondifferent I have no idea yet if it’s a good offer, but so early in the round, I’m guessing no, someone will counter with other useful things anyway (clearing 9 or 6, for example).


@Perky_Goth Fair enough. Asking for 2 capital upfront is perhaps not reasonable. How about this: if I stand aside and if your deal is approved, then you give me 2 capital. Otherwise I’ll counteroffer now (can’t look toothless so early in the game after all.)


So is it a gentleman’s agreement to conduct all negotiations out in the open? I guess sitting around a table you won’t have access to private messages.


Sorry, wasn’t looking. I guess the new deal is worth trying, then. Let’s do it.

@Tim_N: pretty much, I think.


Sorry, will catch up with this tonight and see what you shady folks are trying to pull on our poor city.


< spitshake /> I pass then @lantz


Yup, all gentlemen and gentlewomen here, even the Cylons.


@Perky_Goth I will offer an identical offer


I think it runs counter to the spirit of the game if you make deals in private via PMs. We need to see how this shakes out, though, since the logistics of a forum game are different than sitting around a table. I’m open for suggestions, but people can run parallel negotiations in the thread as well if that isn’t too chaotic.

When someone decides to Pass or put a counter offer, please state so explicitly and tag the next player in Turn Order.


We’re a small humanitarian company trying to help mankind here, and everyone wants to take advantage of us! Well, we’re humbly committed to New Angeles, so I believe we can agree to your terms to show our good faith.