NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


Click on the Baltimore pick. That will remove it. Then click on Denver.


I’ve been on this forum for years, and I never knew that, lol


I was able to click Denver, but not un-click Baltimore. It may just be that mobile doesn’t play nice.

EDIT: And @RichVR wins it. When not on mobile I’m able to un-check and re-check as needed. Thanks again, man!


Btw Nfc north. My Vikes will have it.


Happy to be of service. But I don’t deserve all of the credit. Earlier on I had to change my pick. @Navaronegun said that he could tell me how to do it. Instead I just tried what I thought would work, and it did.



Sunday night game: Vikes Chicago. Hail Mary. Almost the most important game for the NFC North.


Gack, I haven’t picked yet.

Since I already picked Denver and I can’t pick the Browns this week, it’s time for the Iggles.

Philadelphia to lose.


Sorry for the delay, guys - had some Internet issues.

@ddtibbs - I got you in, and me as well with the crowd.

@KristiGaines - just to clarify, who are you picking to lose? You’re sure Chicago? I mean, that requires the Vikings to actually win a tough game ;) (j/k)

@Jason_Levine & @Gutsball - looks like we don’t have picks from you, although I’ve been known to be blind so please forgive me if that’s the case


Oops, forgot. I’ll go with the Vikings to lose.


I am sure! The Vikes must win!

(old adage comes to mind: “never gamble with your heart…”)


Just wanna also give a shout-out to @rowe33 with some well-deserved respect on choosing the Rams to lose on Monday. That’s a tough game to pick, and I’m rooting for you on this one.


Bad news for @rowe33

Of the 5 home teams picked to lose that have finished? Only 1 actually lost. And that required a last minute touchdown from the Steelers to get that.


Never fear, the Chiefs are going to mess them up!


You’re from LA, you are a traitor!


What was the spread on the Eagles Saints game again?


Less than 24 points (changes channel…).

EDIT: 31 points.


New game, which is higher.

The number of points for the Eagles
The number of people picking them to lose

For the record that is 14 people. I don’t think the eagles can do it.

Edit: the second favorite pick of the week has 8 people in severe danger as it looks like he Broncos could pull off the upset.


“Severe danger”? No. I know how this story ends. Severe disappointment.


Look man, I was trying to put the vibes out there hoping Denver wouldn’t just putter away.

Which seems like to have failed. Denver will get one more crack needing only a FG for the win. And a long way to go.