NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


San Fran (SAN) to lose.


Saving Oakland and SF for later. Going with Detroit to fall all over themselves.


I have yet to pick Arizona, Cleveland, New York (either), Oakland, or Buffalo. So those are pretty much my next 5 weeks. As tempting as Arizona is, Cleveland looks to be my best option to use them for the L. While I wouldn’t expect them to win any of their other games, would them beating the Bengals at home surprise anyone? Or the Panthers at home?

The Browns are the best bad team, not good, and certainly will not have more than 6 wins on the season, but capable of surprising people.


I have my next 5 weeks written down. This week is Detroit :)

Playoff version of this will be very entertaining.


I have no idea who to pick this week, but it looks like I haven’t voted Detroit yet and you have a helluva win streak going. Lose streak?

Thanks @CraigM that’s exactly what I was hoping.


Bit of a risk here, but not too big I think: Dallas to lose at home to the Saints.


I’m with @Jason_Levine: Dallas is goin’ down this week!


Detroit to lose. They’re just not beating the Rams…


Detroit and Stafford a few years ago were really streaky and could beat anyone, but even I am losing faith in that this week…


Check the top (first) post, Scott. Craig is updating all our picks there and you can see who you picked.

EDIT: Never mind! Meant Dan and Craig already mentioned it… I will just slink away…


I am taking the Bungles to lose at Denver.

Translation: I just ratf****d @cannedwombat


Pff. This is basically a contest of who will be holding the beer last.


I’m saving my OAK pick for the final week, when they face the Chiefs again. This time I’m joining @lostcawz in picking the NYJ to lose to Titans.


I hate the Vikes are being relegated to Wildcard.

Raiders to lose.


Updated picks. A few people have chosen old favorites, however:
@skipper - you chose the 49ers in week 3
@Gutsball - you chose the Bungles in week 10
@Thraeg - you chose the Colts last week

All are good picks, of course, but we’ll sadly need alternatives :)


Apparently I’ve not picked Oakland (OAK) to lose yet, though I’m not sure how that happened. I’m jumping on that bandwagon with the rest of the group.


You’ve got it! Seems a pretty darn safe pick, lol


Picking the NYJ to lose. I foolishly wasted some earlier picks and need to save Jon Gruden’s folly for a bit longer.


Ooh, looking dicey so far.

I have faith Brees and co can come back, but that’s got to be a rough first half for you.


It would be a huge upset if 'boys hold on. For a team whose fans wanted the coach fired a few short weeks ago, that’s quite a turnaround.