NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


The Giants are all good for you :)

edit - as they likely are for the remainder of their opponents


Joining the bandwagon (because it worked so well last week…) and going with the Giants to lose. That let’s me save the Raiders for the final week.


I am surprised that I have not previously picked BUF to lose. And this week they’re in Beantown. What a wonderful gift this loss will be. And then I can do OAK in the final week.


This was the one I was waiting for, as well. However, don’t forget they can surprise;[email protected]


If my Vikings get into the playoffs --and let’s be straight – the Browns need a tie or two – I will wear my Fran tarkenton #10 jersey to work for 5 days.


LOL - sounds good. If the Browns somehow manage to pull the EXTREMELY improbable and do the same, I’ll wear my Tim Couch Bernie Kosar jersey all week.


If the Redskins do the same I’ll wear my Mark Sanchez jersey. Well, I’ll have to buy it first but they do exist!


I’m sure there are a few fans that have added all of the recent QBs to the redskins all-in-one QB jerseys.


Here’s a question:

All those years of success at USC under Carroll using a pro set offense but only one bona fide starting NFL QB in the lot, Carson Palmer?



Darnold doesn’t count? I know he’s had a shaky start this year for the Jets but … it’s the Jets. Give him time. I personally don’t think he will shake out to be Palmer-like, but there ya go.


Picking the Bengals to lose to Cleveland because my best friend in college was a die hard Browns fan and he’d want me to go out this way. Also, I picked all the other easy teams, so…


(I am starting to think we Vikes should trade cousins back ….)


Fuck it. I say the Giants will win!


Wondering if I should change my pick to give me a shot at catching RichVR


Don’t forget; four weeks of playoffs are yet to come!


Dan am I to understand that Cleveland needs TWO ties to playoff?

heck I thought us Vikes had it hard.


In Cleveland, we like to refer to it as “not mathematically eliminated,” and often with an exclamation point at the end ;)


Look, you could enter the last week of the season ‘not mathematically eliminated’

They need to beat the Bungles at home (reasonable)

Chargers beat the Ravens in LA (likely)

The Colts lose at home to the Giants (plausible, but unlikely)

And the Titans lose to the Redskins today, at home.

That’s their big trip up I think.

But if all that happens, they will technically still be in contention after Christmas!


I heard the 'Skins have about 5 or so more players who are inactive for this game so that one might be a stretch. I have no idea who our esteemed quarterback will be throwing to today.


Well so much for that!

But not bad, the Browns were in playoff contention until December 22nd.