NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


I’ll go ATL this week.


Was the selection poll thingy posted yet?


Hey I used up all my other crap teams already. I was ecstatic seeing I had missed the Jets all along.


Haven’t seen it yet.


My Vikes aren’t yet lost.


Well I went with that other New York team last week, so I’m going with the New York Jets to lose this week. Plus, I understand the last time the Jets won was a while ago.


Jags for me


Carolina to lose this week.


Visitors to Lose

  • Arizona Ashes @ Seattle Sillies
  • Atlanta Fail-cons @ Tampa Bay Buck Stops Here
  • Carolina Kitties @ New Orleans Boondock Saints
  • Cincinnati Bungles @ Pittsburgh Choke Artists
  • Chicago Bears, oh my! @ Minnesota Lost Vikings
  • Cleveland Brown Nosers @ Baltimore Evil Birds
  • Dallas I Wanna Be a Cowboys @ New York Lilliputians
  • Detroit Hyenas @ Green Bay Already Packed It In
  • Indianapolis Colt 45 Malt Liquor @ Tennessee Zeus Killed the Titans
  • Jacksonville Ford Pintos @ Houston Redundancies
  • Los Angeles Retreaters @ Denver Ponies
  • Miami Mammals Aren’t Fish @ Buffalo Bill’s Mystery Meat
  • New York Hang Gliders @ New England Has Beens
  • Oakland Refrigerator Raiders @ Kansas City Chumps
  • Philadelphia One Hit Wonders @ Washington That’s Racist!.gif
  • San Francisco Fires @ Los Angeles Goats

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Home to Lose

  • Baltimore Evil Birds vs. Cleveland Brown Nosers
  • Buffalo Bill’s Mystery Meat vs. Miami Mammals Aren’t Fish
  • Denver Ponies vs. Los Angeles Retreaters
  • Green Bay Already Packed It In vs. Detroit Hyenas
  • Houston Redundancies vs. Jacksonville Ford Pintos
  • Kansas City Chumps vs. Oakland Refrigerator Raiders
  • Los Angeles Goats vs. Philadelphia One Hit Wonders
  • Minnesota Lost Vikings vs. Chicago Bears, oh my!
  • New England Has Beens vs. New York Hang Gliders
  • New Orleans Boondock Saints vs. Carolina Kitties
  • New York Lilliputians vs. Dallas I Wanna Be a Cowboys
  • Pittsburgh Choke Artists vs. Cincinnati Bungles
  • Seattle Sillies vs. Arizona Ashes
  • Tampa Bay Buck Stops Here vs. Atlanta Fail-cons
  • Tennessee Zeus Killed the Titans vs. Indianapolis Colt 45 Malt Liquor
  • Washington That’s Racist!.gif vs. Philadelphia One Hit Wonders

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Link to standings and prior picks up top


As an FYI, you actually picked Jacksonville in week 2, so you’ll need another. If I may make a totally biased suggestion, the Browns are OBVIOUSLY going to beat the Ravens ;)




Yeah. Sorry, between Christmas stuff, work, and a nasty flu that laid me out I just never got to it.


An inspired poll this week!


Damn these new names are great! Every single one is a masterpiece!


Tomorrow is make or break for my Vikings. Kirk Cousins – KING of underwhelmingness has a chance to get it down. Makes me weep what we are paying him now. Especially since we are still paying on that US Bank stadium palace. Grrrrr!


Talking about names, SO appropriate! But hey, I’ve got faith the Vikings may win despite his best efforts ;)


Assuming the Rams are throttling the 49ers as they should, the Bears will pull their starters. And guys with minor injuries like Allen Robinson won’t be playing tomorrow. If the Vikings don’t win in that situation, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.


That’s indeed a great name for Cousins. Really characterizes his performance while he was with the 'Skins. Regardless, I wanted the Redskins to keep him because the alternative to underwhelmingness is … Mark Sanchez.


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I hadn’t picked either

Let me look. I haven’t even looked at matchups yet